DOC1234 14:48 15 Feb 2003

where to start i`ve got a used laptop a advent 7255 under me software. it was drop last year and snapped the internal dvd drive so i brought a external cdrom drive everything worked ok untill 2 days ago now i can`t boot it up,sometimes it will go through in safe mode other times it won`t even start,when i got it up in safe mode i done a scan disc and it showed 4 bad blocks in the second line of scan,also ihad a look at the cpu and noticed thatit was very hot to touch there was a green sticky substance around the safe mode i`ve tried to restore to a previous date but still no luck.when igetinto the setup i dont what to do can anyone help please or do i just need a HAMMER. many thanks DAVE

  woodchip 15:10 15 Feb 2003

If you are using Win 98, you may be better formatting and reinstalling windows, as it look's like some of the windows files are in the bad sectors of your hard disc. Prob from when you dropped the comp. We need to know if you have a full Win98 disc and Key installation number

  Lozzy 15:15 15 Feb 2003

I agree with woodchip, if your showing BAD CLUSTERS then a reformat is the only way to resolve it.

  DOC1234 15:30 15 Feb 2003

yes i have a 98 disc, but wont recognize my external cd drive so all i have access to is my floppy.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:46 15 Feb 2003

If you have household insurance/accidental damage cover, then I would be on the blower to the claims dept. OTOH have you tried using a boot disk?


  woodchip 16:03 15 Feb 2003

If you format your drive with your startup floppy disc, when you start with the floppy disc it will load drivers for the CD drive if not you should have got the drivers for the CD drive on a floppy disc which you can load to dos before loading windows the CD drivers may be in the damaged sector of you hard drive that may be why it's not recognized. If you decide to format your drive I would Scandisk it first in Dos so that it marks out the bad sectors, then format the drive. To run scandisk start with startup floppy disc at the a:\> prompt type scandisc C:

It should look like this A:\>scandisk C: then press enter to format do the same as above but substitute the word “scandisk for format”

  DOC1234 20:07 15 Feb 2003

thanks guys i`ll try anything now 1 pc two kids and a faulty laptop that will soon become a dooor stop

  woodchip 20:09 15 Feb 2003

Have you tried the above

  Kyomii 21:44 15 Feb 2003

>>>>if your showing BAD CLUSTERS then a reformat is the only way to resolve it.<<<<

reformatting won't resolve, only cure the symptoms for a short while because bad secotors propogate at a fast level.

You basically need a new hard drive, just do another scandisk, to confirm the bad sectors - if they show up again (which they will and probably more than the first time) you need to sort out a new hard drive (2.5 ")

  woodchip 22:12 15 Feb 2003

"Not necessarily so," he dropped the laptop that's what made the bad clusters. Is drive is not worn out. A head crash

  DOC1234 22:40 15 Feb 2003

the laptop was dropped about a year ago by the daughter playing a game while trying to go upstairs (teenager need i say anymore )it was working fine till a couple of days ago .as before sometimes it will power up, i here the fan start then i know it will go some way to booting,sometime`s it will go to safe mode and sometimes i will have to go in set up but when i`m there what do you do, i realy appreciate what you`re doing,at the moment i have to leave the machine for a hour then it will or won`t let boot it. many thanks again DAVE

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