Laptop won't boot

  albatross_uk 10:39 02 Aug 2006

I had problems with my laptop shutting itself down, particularly when trying to perform memory intensive tasks (playing a game, watching a video, etc.). My initial thoughts were overheating, so I cleaned the heatsink (which was fairly clean anyway) and added some more heat transfer gel. It didn't help.

Then one day, I got the lovely BSOD complete with a load of writing which I didn't catch before it turned itself off. After that the laptop refuses to boot, preferring instead to show me a blank screen with a flashing cursor. On occassion it doesn't even show me the BIOS screen.

Since then I've ran the IBM Hard Disk diagnostic, which has given me disposition code 0x70, which I'm led to believe basically means its no use anymore. Before changing it I decided to run memtest and check the memory, the only problem is it shuts itself down in the middle of memtest!

So does this mean I have more problems than just my HD? Has my memory gone too? Is there any way to find out?

Thanks in advance for any help

  sean-278262 14:06 02 Aug 2006

Age and specifications of the machine?

  albatross_uk 14:15 02 Aug 2006

Nearly 2 years old. It's an Acer Travelmate 2500:

2.8GHZ Intel Pentium 4 Processor
40GB Hard Disk (Not sure of the manufacturer)
Running Win XP Home

  sean-278262 14:32 02 Aug 2006

Have you tried using the hard drive in another system? It does sound like the laptop has given up the ghost however wait for an expert opinion on the matter.

  albatross_uk 14:39 02 Aug 2006

Thanks for the quick reply :)

Do you mean all the parts?

I was tempted to try swapping it, but don't want to purchase another hard drive and replace it only to find the memory has gone too.

Just tried memtest again and (for the third time) it bleeped at me 3 times and switched itself off half way through.

It doesn't look good does it?

  woodchip 14:50 02 Aug 2006

Start the Computer in Safe Mode then Double click My Computer right click C:\ Drive Tools check disc tick box to auto repair DO A FULL SCAN

  albatross_uk 14:56 02 Aug 2006

The computer won't start at all though. After the BIOS screen all I get is a blinking cursor.

I just tried pressing F8 anyway, but all it did was beep at me. Quite aggressively in fact ;)

  sean-278262 14:57 02 Aug 2006

Im suggesting you borrow a friends laptop and see if the hard drive can be booted. If so try to back up your important files.

  woodchip 15:48 02 Aug 2006

I would say the HD as gone I have just had the same with a 3.5ins drive Replaced it and it's OK

  woodchip 15:50 02 Aug 2006

Press the key that takes you into BIOS as ther computer is trying to start as this should work. You could take the drive out should be two screws then see if it will go to BIOS if it does you know the HD needs replacing

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