Laptop won't boot up

  PinkFloyd 21:25 12 Jun 2004

Guys my laptop is completely shagged.....whenever I power it up it brings up the loading xp screen and then it just blue screens. The blue screen says something like application terminated.

Its been powering itself off all the time lately.....think its overheating all the time. But now I can't even power it up !!!!.

Its only about a year old (just out of warranty )and its a Dell Inspiron 5100.

Would appreciate any advice. I'm thinking I need to wipe XP and then reinstall it, but when I insert my XP cd nothing happens and it just goes to the same blue screen


  anon1 21:44 12 Jun 2004

So what makes you think that you need to wipe the hdd and reinstall xp? why dfo you suspect overheating? What are the specs? Have you checked to see if the fan is working? You may have a ram problem or overheating. Normally if overheating is the problem the fan is not running. check it out and report back here.

  PinkFloyd 21:52 12 Jun 2004

Thanks for the reply.

Specs are 2.4 ghz processor, 512mb ram and 20gig hard drive.

I suspected it was overheating because for the past month or so the fan has been making lots of noise all the time even when I have only just turned it on......I believe this fan noise that I hear should be a lot less frequent.

Over the past weeks it has started just completely cutting out, no warning or anything it just cuts out instantly....seems to happen more frequently when I am running a number of applications and it is hot weather. I have checked the fan and it is not being obstructed or anything.

I don't think the overheating is causing this blue screen problem, though maybe it is related.

Appreciate any advice.

  anon1 17:03 13 Jun 2004

Oh it most certainly will cause the blue screen. You need to get a new fan installed at the earliest and hope that the chip has not cooked itself or you will need a new chip too.

  woodchip 17:10 13 Jun 2004

Keep pressing F5 as it start see if it brings anything up

  woodchip 17:11 13 Jun 2004

If it does choose safe mode and come back for more

  wee eddie 17:25 13 Jun 2004

It is quite likely that, over the year, the fan has sucked in large quantities of dust.

Get something that blows air; large quantities of it (a hover that works in reverse will do, or a can of the stuff) and flush the inside through the Fans Outlet Ports and then the Fans Input Port. Do this 3 times.

It may just cure the overheating at virtually no cost. If it doesn't; try some of the simpler solutions first.

  PinkFloyd 19:01 13 Jun 2004


I've wiped my hard drive completely and reinstalled XP and all seems to be working fine now......still keeps cutting out but at least I can use it now.

Shame I have lost EVERYTHING !! :(

  Totally-braindead 19:04 13 Jun 2004

Did you replace the fan?

  PinkFloyd 19:13 13 Jun 2004

Nope haven't touched the fan....still sounds like its working overtime !!! I will have to get Dell to take a look when I can afford it.

Hopefully won't cost me too much.

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