laptop wireless connection problem

  nickslider 14:48 03 Apr 2010

Hi I can no longer connect to the wireless internet through my laptop,
its a Toshiba Portege running Windows XP with Intel Wireless 2200 BG.
It was working fine but now it says: 'limited or no connectivity' and
when I type ipconfig/renew it says: 'no operation can be performed on
Local Area Connection while it has its media disconnected. An error
occurred while renewing Interface Wireless Network Connection: unable
to contact your DHCP server. Request timed out.' The IP address is

I tried unchecking the 'let windows obtain IP address' box & manually
entering an address beginning with 192, that looked as though it might
work as I no longer got the 'limited or no connectivity' message & the
wireless said it was connected, but when I opened a browser the page
wouldn't load.

I've done a virus scan & none were found, & I haven't installed any
new software or hardware since before it stopped working.

Any advice would be really appreciated, thanks

  BurrWalnut 15:42 03 Apr 2010

Here are a few things to try:

Switch off and unplug the computer/router/modem. Wait ten minutes, plug in the router/modem and when the lights stabilise, start the computer.

Go to a Run window (Windows key+R), type netsh winsock reset (note the two spaces) and press Enter. Restart the computer.

The adapter could be defective.

  dawood 11:32 04 Apr 2010

You probably also need to recheck wireless router configuration, maybe it's not configured properly. You can take a look on this wireless router configuration click here if needed.

  nickslider 14:23 04 Apr 2010

Thanks for the replies. I don't have a router or modem. It's just a laptop connecting straight to wireless. I'll try the winsock reset though.

  nickslider 09:22 06 Apr 2010

I did the winsock reset, it said it was successful but after restarting it made no difference.

  mgmcc 11:15 06 Apr 2010

>>> I don't have a router or modem. It's just a laptop connecting straight to wireless. what is the wireless device that the Laptop is connecting to?

  nickslider 11:38 06 Apr 2010

It's a Toshiba Portege running Intel Wireless 2200 BG with an internal modem?

  mgmcc 11:55 06 Apr 2010

If the Laptop is connecting "wirelessly", there has to be something external to itself that it's connecting to. This would normally be a Wireless Router, or Modem/Router, but you say you don't have one of these.

Are you perhaps running an "Ad Hoc" wireless network with the Laptop connecting directly to a desktop PC, whose internet connection has been "shared"?

The other possibility is that you're connecting wirelessly to someone else's wireless network?

  nickslider 12:00 06 Apr 2010

Oh I see, I was connecting to BTFon & buying an hour's connection time. It's still my automatic selection but can't now connect. All other networks I can see are secured

  mgmcc 07:20 07 Apr 2010

Try deleting the existing wireless "profile" and then go through the procedure to "Connect" again, when a new profile will be created and saved. click here

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