laptop windows 7 suddenly very slow to open text in photoshop etc.

  Jim W. 11:05 13 May 2015

This is only in the last 3 weeks, certain tasks loading very slowly. When this happens, the radio I am also listening to, dies, until the slow load has happened, then it comes back. Thanks for any advice.

  Jim W. 15:29 14 May 2015

Thanks for the reply. This problem affects various tasks e.g. sometimes a small PDF file takes ages to open, but when I try to open it later, it is quick. This dreadful slow working has just affected Windows Live Mail, which would not close an email, then would not shut down, going all white and stating "not responding" etc. When it was finally closed, it opened quickly! So somewhat random.

  wee eddie 14:10 15 May 2015

I have had a similar problem while my AV, Kaspersky, is running its main Scan. This was easily sorted by adjusting the AV Settings, to only run while I was not active on the PC.

However I have not achieved as much success when it is running its Root Kit Scan and that, although infrequent, slows the PC's reaction time considerably.

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