Laptop - Win98 hangs on start up

  JOHNNYBGOOD 16:19 23 Apr 2003

When starting my laptop the computer hangs on the win 98 screen. If I alt-cntl-delete it will restart and give me an option to start in safe mode or normal. If I choose normal then I get back to square one. Never had this problem before.

Thank you to anyone who replies

  beeuuem 17:13 23 Apr 2003

The first option usually is to run System File Checker to see if you have any corrupted/deleted files. Ensure that in 'Settings' within SFC the boxes are selected to check for changed and deleted files.

  JOHNNYBGOOD 18:32 23 Apr 2003

beeuuen, excuse ignorance but how do I get into system file checker?

  beeuuem 19:39 23 Apr 2003

Click on 'Start' go to 'Run';type 'sfc' in the window; click on 'OK'.
This will open SFC. Click on 'Settings' and tick the boxes for changed files and deleted files.
Click on 'Start'.You will need your Win98 CD in the cd drive.If any files need to be restored this will where you restore from.
If you have a problem post back here.

  JOHNNYBGOOD 22:13 23 Apr 2003

beeuuem, many thanks first time did not work but did find a number of currupt files and cleared them, but I shut down and ended up with same problem. Ran 'sfc' again with no file corruption but restarted and all OK.

One issue now however, on start up I get d:\program opening up for some reason (my drive is split c:\ and d:\)and request for BT Speedway ISDN TA setup/capi2.0 installation, which is already installed.

Once again many thanks for your help.

  beeuuem 22:33 23 Apr 2003

Glad to help.

If you start a new post with your remaining problem someone will come along with help. I could make suggestions, but as it isn't a problem to which have a ready answer it would be better to post and wait for a forum member who knows the correct solution.

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