Laptop will not work

  enjg 12:24 20 Apr 2006

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 laptop, with XP Pro.
My daughters boyfriend has been downloading I-tunes.
Now it will not work; when switched on the Toshiba screen appears, then it goes blank and the following message is diplayed;
"Remove disk or other media"
"Press any key to restart"
below this is a flashing curser, the foppy and dvd drive are both empty, I have tried pressing every key on the keyboard, but the same message always appears.
I have put the XP disk in the dvd drive but nothing happens.
Can anyone help me please? I am not very competent with computers.

  woodchip 12:44 20 Apr 2006

Have you tried keep pressing F8 as the computer starts then choose safe mode, top of the list. If you can get into Safe mode you can do a system restore

  Legolas 12:52 20 Apr 2006

Or failing the above if you have an XP disc you can do a repair installation click here

  enjg 13:09 20 Apr 2006

Tried both of these, just getting the same response; I can hear the dvd drive spinning.

  woodchip 13:18 20 Apr 2006

when you swith the computer on try pressing f2 or dek key to get into bios then set boot order as cd first then hard drive as second device

  woodchip 13:18 20 Apr 2006

ps you can then try starting with the xp cd

  enjg 13:55 20 Apr 2006

thank you woodchip, that seems to be the answer. I pressed F2 which gave a menu
C CD Rom
N network LAN
D Default System Setup device

Press C N F B or D
I pressed C with XP cd in dvd drive, then when I pressed D it is at the moment alloing me to format hard drive and install XP hopefully!

Will let you know later today if it has been a success, once again many thanks for the help.

  enjg 22:02 20 Apr 2006

It must be a slow computer, the hard drive is still in the process of formatting, will post when it has finished.

  enjg 18:05 21 Apr 2006

More help needed.
The XP Pro has loaded, but incompletely, I can get into safe mode (F8), but am now getting a new problem;
On screen this appears;
After a short pause, this appears;
"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt;
Please re-install a copy of the above file."

I have put this file onto an usb pen drive, as I now find that the floppy drive is not working,
but when I press enter, or any other key, it just re-boots, with the same message appearing.
This happens with all of the options in Safe Mode.
Has anyone any ideas, please?

  martjc 18:26 21 Apr 2006

...try, when in safe mode, command prompt:
fdisk /fixmbr

This MAY help, but no promises, as it's quite a tricky procedure.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:35 21 Apr 2006

Ideally you should directly boot to c:\windows folder in Recovery Console

If you've booted to C:\, there could be something wrong with your windows installation or drive

At c:\, type
cd windows and hit Enter
If you see c:\windows prompt

type cd system32\config
you will see c:\windows\system32\config

type these commands and pres Enter after each command

ren system system.old
cd cd windows\repair
copy system c:\windows\system32\config

Your computer will restart

The error comes up because of damaged or corrupt SYSTEM hive.
This process will put back a good SYSTEM from the repair folder.

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