Laptop will not wake up from 'SLEEP' mode

  pegmac 21:37 21 Feb 2009

Cannot get my Laptop to WAKE UP

I have a Dell Studio 15 Laptop and when I put it into sleep mode then return to it at a later time I cannot find any way of waking it up. When I lift the lid all the lights along the top light up once then go out but the on/off button light stays on. The only way I can 'wake it up' is to hold my finger on the off button and start again. This then means Windows has not been shut down properly. I have Windows Vista SP1 Home Premium.
Can anyone help me with what must be a very simple problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:44 21 Feb 2009

"what must be a very simple problem"

fraid not

there are many reasons why a machine will not wake
in no particular order:-
hard drive seek errors
corrupt op system files
bad memory
incorrect video drivers
BIOS power settings

  pegmac 22:50 21 Feb 2009

Thank you for your reply. All or any of what you suggest looks difficult to solve. I did phone Dell with the problem but they were going to charge me £35 to solve it and I refused to pay so we just left it at that as it is not a major problem, just an annoying one. The laptop is brand new and it seems to be OK if I only leave it for a short time in sleep mode. It's when it's left for a longer period it will not wake up. I really need to test it to see how long it can be left before it fails.

  Graham. 23:02 21 Feb 2009

There is a problem with Sleep mode in Vista. Go to Power options in Control Panel, Change Plan settings, Change advanced power settings, Power buttons and lid, Start menu power button, change to Hibernate.

  pegmac 21:30 22 Feb 2009

Thank you Graham for your advice. Before doing what you suggested I decided to experiment with how long it could be left in sleep mode before it would:-
(1) Wake up & (2) Not wake up. I put it in sleep mode and left it for 55mins. It woke up. I then left it for 1hr and 10mins and it would not wake up. So, partly following the steps you advised I changed the 'hibernate' to after 2 hours and left the sleep at one hour.
Then I left it for 1hr and 10 mins and it woke up.
Is it possible that before changing the setting, it was going into hibernate after the first hour was up? This has not been a very comprehensive experiment as I have only tried it out once but it's a start. I thought I would share it with you all to see if it benefits anyone else. This is my first laptop and I have only had it for 2 months so it's new to me as I never put the desktop into any mode. I am really pleased with the machine and have had no problems with Vista as some people seem to have. I even got an old photo editing programme designed for W98 to run in Vista & without a patch. But that's another story. Thank you all for your help.

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