Laptop will not boot

  logoff 16:25 24 Aug 2009

My son has an HP Pavilion 9500 laptop running Windows Vista Home, 2Gb Ram and 160 Gb HD. It is just over 18m old and only used for e-mail and the World of Warcraft game as far as I can see.

As of last night it is not booting. He tells me it did after switching it on for about 2 hours this morning-he then got a message stating "Operating system not found" then it restarted and opened to the normal desktop. After this he tells me the screen went fuzzy and it shut down.
Nothing since. We do have recovery disks available -if we can find a way to load them! It seems to have power, can hear the HD and the keyboard showing signs of life.
Grateful for any suggestions.

  crosstrainer 16:50 24 Aug 2009

Try tapping the F8 key while the machine boots..
Then system restore.

If that fails (and bear in mind he will lose all his data / games etc.)

Use the recovery ccd/ dvd that came with the machine.

  logoff 17:03 24 Aug 2009

Thanks crosstrainer will try that if it does ever show signs of booting -on the screen that is, again!

It has been switched on for an hour or more now and although there is power, signs of life on the keyboard and the HD, it simply is showing no signs of booting into anything yet. Am at a bit of a loss as to what to try next but thanks for the message, much appreciated L

  logoff 23:16 24 Aug 2009

Any more ideas?

I have a Windows Vista original installation disk for my own PC. The only problem is that is the 64bit version, so am not sure he can boot/repair from that?

Would be very grateful for any further ideas!

Best regards,


  Technotiger 23:27 24 Aug 2009

Turn it off completely. Wait at least 20 seconds and then re-boot it while at the same time repeatedly pressing F8 to get into Safe mode. Once started in Safe mode you can then try the System Restore as per crosstrainer's suggestion.

  logoff 23:34 24 Aug 2009

Technotiger- thanks for that. Will give it a go -maybe tomorrow now though as he is about to retire for the night.Thanks for your input.


  logoff 18:07 25 Aug 2009

No luck. I think the HD has actually died. Thanks for the helpful suggestions though. Now need to ask "how do you replace a HD in a laptop"-but maybe that should be a new thread. Will tick as resolved and thanks again.

  Technotiger 19:03 25 Aug 2009
  birdface 19:29 25 Aug 2009

Take the battery off.Switch the power connector at the main switch.Hold down the start button for 10 seconds then try with just the power connector switched on.Hold down the start button 6-7 seconds or until it starts if it ever does.

I would check the model number with HP as they have been recalling quite a few laptops because of bad batteries.

hard drive on an Hp.I believe it opens at the side and you just take it out.But that was a different model number so yours may be different.or you can go to the HP website and download the manual for it.

  awest3 19:50 25 Aug 2009

just a shot in the dark! but might you have a screen display problem..?

If you have a monitor available maybe try connecting to that..

  logoff 23:08 25 Aug 2009

Technotiger-grateful for that -don't think I will find that too much of a problem, as long as the main issue was not something else (and finding the HD location is less than obvious!)

Hi buteman and thanks for your comments. The battery has not been much use for some time, in fact.I don't know if this is an issue with most laptops.

I did look, briefly, at the HP website today and found it less than helpful or easy to navigate.

This is a "discontinued model" so possibly even more difficult to find information. May have persevered and found something but found it a
time-consuming issue, that I did not have the time to persevere with at the moment.

Thank you again for your help-I have always found the people on this forum particularly helpful and friendly too!

Cheers to all,

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