laptop will not boot

  canadaSub 17:38 19 Dec 2006

I have a hp pavilion zv5000 laptop with a Pentium 4 CPU, Windows XP bought in 2004.

The AC mains power cable would not plug into the laptop properly as over the years, it became loose at the connector. Laptop would not charge.

I took off the cover and took out the CPU (for the life of me, I don't know why now! - I reinserted it screwing the springed screws in tight.... are they supposed to be tight?). I gently prised the prongs out a little where the power cable slots in. When re-assembled, the prising bit worked as the power attaches firmly and the light shows battery is charging.

Then I tried to boot up.......
The HD light flashes and the DVD/CD combo light flashes next but that is as far as it gets. Screen is blacked out. Even tried to attach an external monitor and used the function keys to switch over but that comes up with "No signal detected" and just goes black.

I have now taken it apart and even with the RAM out, there are no error beeps.

  canadaSub 22:13 19 Dec 2006

Does anyone have any suggestions or help to offer, please?

  Strawballs 22:26 19 Dec 2006

I have a zv5000 which I am using now, could it just be a case of battery totally flat and as the charger is not working will not run on mains.

I have had the same problem with this one (twice) even though it is only 18 months old but because it is leased through the government HCI program it has been repaired both times.

The repair that was done was (I'm affraid) a new motherboard because the charging socket is soldered direct to it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:42 19 Dec 2006

2I took off the cover and took out the CPU
power attaches firmly and the light shows battery is charging."

reseat CPU and retry

  canadaSub 22:59 19 Dec 2006

Thanks Strawballs & Fruitbat.

Battery is fine Strawballs. Like I said, the problem was the mains connection at the back. Even now, the mains light is lit when plugged in and when I use the battery, the lights on the laptop keyboard stay lit.

Check out this link for possible battery recall. Mine is fine.....
click here

I think my MOBO is dead.

The CPU has srings on the screws that hold it onto the MOBO, are they supposed to be tight or a little loose?

  canadaSub 18:06 12 Jan 2007

Took laptop in for professional help.
Cost of new MOBO is too scary for me to ruin it on installation and then have to buy yet another.... then ruin it!

Einstein was right E=MC2
(Expensive = MOBO & Cost of repair too)
Almost as pricey as a new laptop!

  canadaSub 22:52 14 Jan 2007


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