Laptop White Light when trying to turn it on.

  Diarmuid10 16:14 19 Mar 2016

I have a Toshiba Laptop and all I get is a white light when I power it on, it has come on before when I messed about with the RAM such as swaping the slot and trying a different module. It was on working and just done it again so I am lost. Any Ideas, thanks in advance.

  rdave13 16:49 19 Mar 2016

Try removing the battery and charger and hold the power button in for 30 seconds. Replace the battery and charger and see if it boots.

  alanrwood 19:56 19 Mar 2016

Sounds as though the processor etc are dead and only the backlight is coming on. CVan you try booting from a disk?

  Diarmuid10 13:41 20 Mar 2016

I have tried taking the battery out etc. The thing is though, I can get it to come on sometimes by messing with the RAM but it does it again. The white light is just at the front of the laptop, the power light, not on the screen, sorry I wasn't very clear lol. Thanks for the replies. Any other ideas?

  rdave13 15:16 20 Mar 2016

You might have disturbed a connection somewhere when messing with the ram. Next time you boot put some pressure gently on and around the touchpad. If it boots then check connections again. I don't know if you have to remove the lower case completely or just a ram compartment on your Toshiba.

  Diarmuid10 21:03 20 Mar 2016

I will have to open it up then, thanks I will give it a try and see.

  Diarmuid10 11:42 22 Mar 2016

  Diarmuid10 11:46 22 Mar 2016

I can't even upload an Image lol, how

  Diarmuid10 11:47 22 Mar 2016


  Diarmuid10 11:48 22 Mar 2016

  Diarmuid10 11:50 22 Mar 2016

Would that have anything to do with it? Sorry I'm not used to forums so I had trouble uploading the image.

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