laptop- which HD to use?

  collinsc 10:53 15 Dec 2007

I cant remember why, but when i first got my laptop i started to save all my documents and stuff to the D Drive, whereas i think i was supposed to save to the C drive?

does it make much difference? (ive noticed when i select to save something, it wants to save to C, so i have to redirect to D).

Is there a way to change this?
shall i just drag all files over?



  Taff™ 11:37 15 Dec 2007

You have a single HDD which is partitioned. Acer seem to do this a lot and my guess is that they are equal partitions in size. It would have been better if Acer had set the C partition at say 20GB and left the remainder as Data D. That said the principle of keeping the operating system on the C partition and all your data, (Music, Pictures & Documents), on D is sound. In the event of a system failure you can restore the OS to C drive and your data should be intact on the other partition.

This assumes that the HDD doesn`t fail of course. The answer I think you need is to keep data on the D partitionso it is all in one place. I would relocate "My Documents" "My Music" etc to this drive.

I would also use a Partition Manager to reduce the size of the C drive to 20GB and free up more space for the data.

  crosstrainer 11:40 15 Dec 2007

This seems to be back to front to me. Acer will normally use the D partition to hold system restore partition, but if yours is the othe way around, I would be interested to know. When you install new software, is the default location c or d ?

  collinsc 11:41 15 Dec 2007

thanks, and how do i relocate? just drag it over?

will the pc then recognise where "my documents" is and so then save to here more regularly?
i.e. when i save something it wants to go to C, will it then start to go to D?

  collinsc 11:44 15 Dec 2007

Software??? um cant remember, but when i save a file i trys to go to C...

yeh- its something i have done... i cant remember why ! or how! but i started to save to D and 'never looked back'. now im questioning whether i should try and change it.

i think taff is saying that although what i have done is wrong it will work fine... right taff?

  Taff™ 13:17 16 Dec 2007

The recovery partition is hidden Crosstrainer. Acer split their drives into two (other) partitions, in my opinion in the wrong proportions but anyway! It will work fine.

click here for instructions on changing My Documents to the other partition.

Beware though. If you save program files to the D partition and you subsequently reinstall your OS to the C Partition, those on D will not work.

  collinsc 13:23 16 Dec 2007

great, cheers

  Taff™ 14:02 16 Dec 2007

By the way, are you on Vista?

  collinsc 13:59 12 Jan 2008

taff- i am on vista (apologies for delay in reply). is this a problem!?

I have a follow up question on this also...
My 80GB HD (C drive) is totally full. OK- ive installed some progammes... but it shouldnt be this full?!? how can i do some housekeeping? how can i search for large files on the C Drive?

nb: ive done a diskcleanup to free up a few MBs!

thank you

  Taff™ 06:25 15 Jan 2008

39There is a way in Vista to resize the partitions to more suitable proportions. (Back up everything first though!)

Just a suggestion - System Restore seems to take up a lot of space on my Vista laptop. Having backed up using Acronis True Image I turned off System Restore, rebooted and then turned it back on and set a manual restore point. My used space dropped from 39 to 29 Gb roughly.

Use CCleaner to get rid of the junk.

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