Laptop went dead

  malekmoustafa 15:00 01 Sep 2011

Hi all, Iwas trying to fix a screen problem that used to shut down suddely and from time to time and while I was checking the wiring I didn't notice two bare wires which caused a short circut on contact and get stuck I moved them away and during few seconds all become dead. I checked all removable parts and they were all ok and removed the screen cable and checked again and nothing changed. On examining the motherboard after I took it out, I noticed a one square inch chip that becomes very hot in few seconds whenever I plug in the power supply or the battery and even before I switched it on. Propably this chip regulates the flow of energy and went faulty. I will be very thankful for an expert advice.

  woodchip 15:19 01 Sep 2011

The Screen Problem may have been like mine on closing the lid on my HP510 Laptop it presses a little rubber covered button in that is a switch, after closing the lid I now have to lightly press on the lid for it to press this switch in as either the rubber as worn or its pressed further down on the switch. As to you further problem you may have fried the Motherboard As cannot tell from you short description in text on what you did

  woodchip 15:21 01 Sep 2011

PS the button to shut down may have done same as mine so that screen no longer pushes it in to switch off. look for a button just under the screen above Keyboard

  malekmoustafa 23:27 01 Sep 2011

I don't think a shoty circut would destroy major components on the motherboard, so, in my openion, it should be a capacitor or diode which should not be very difficult to fix.

  malekmoustafa 00:28 03 Sep 2011

Yes, the battery will also heat up the pc97551 module and even before switching the power on. But does this mean that this module went faulty! and would a short circut destroy a major component in a well designed laptop which is an Advent 7110 which is quite good. Normally the bad laptops are designed to protect major componants from similar accidents. However, supposing it is the powermodule which has gone why I get that pc97551 module hot. I would expect the power to stop circulating in the whole system, which implies to me that mobo is still somehow alive and please note that the short ciruct occured in the screen wiring and not in the power supply jack area.

  Forum Editor 00:48 03 Sep 2011

"I don't think a shoty circut would destroy major components on the motherboard, so, in my openion, it should be a capacitor or diode which should not be very difficult to fix."

On the one hand you are asking for expert advice, and in the next breath you're venturing an opinion about the cause of the problem. Poking around inside a laptop when it's connected to mains power can not only cause irreparable damage to sensitive components, it could result in a severe electrical shock.

Take your machine to a reputable repairer - we can't possibly diagnose the problem based on what you tell us.

  rdave13 01:15 03 Sep 2011

As FE, "TWO BARE WIRES" can and will render the mobo dead. I suppose you will have to raise your hand up and admit you dropped a bollock.

C'est la vie

  malekmoustafa 07:13 03 Sep 2011

Dear forum editor, What you said is unacceptable because if every forum editor will tell people to take their faulty machines to repair shops then why there is forums there in the first place!!.... and for your information I was not intending to give my opinion about the problem in my machine but I was replying to an email which came to my address which strangly was not published here in this forum and if you read that emal you will then understand why I was giving my opinion like this. Also, you was not professional in the rest of your reply where you suggested that I should not open the machine and check it myself. Supposing that I have no experience in this area. Which is not the case, as I have been working on fixing the computers for the last 20 years. In fact and because I work on fixing these machines, I am interested to know what are the effects of short circuits on them and what are the parts that a short circut will normally effect and why there is no protection against them. So, I am seeking a technical advice from experts in the computer electronic field, and I thought I came to the right place for this and for you information I love to understand the electronics behind these machines and the process design.

  malekmoustafa 07:30 03 Sep 2011

To rdave13 or whatever, Your answer is not technical as accidents will happen anytime and no one can avoid that, so, I will not raise anything up.

  mooly 07:58 03 Sep 2011

I'm not a computer engineer but I am a professional electronics technician.

Electronic components can be destroyed in nano seconds if you short something out. Even residual charge on a small capacitor is enough to totally destroy a semiconductor junction or zap an EEPROM etc if you allow two parts to touch.

It's impossible to generalise on failure modes as each case is different.

Your laptop was not protected against you shorting out two wires because what you did is not a "valid" failure mode that would require protection (for customer safety) against.

  malekmoustafa 15:55 03 Sep 2011

Thank you mooly, I could understand the first part but not the end part. However, what you said is exactly right, because my laptop went dead because a short circuit and I trust that a short circuit will destroy parts in a well designed machine but is it going to destroy major parts, like the main chips and if so, why they cann't protect these major parts from their effect. Knowing that and as you said a short circut can happen even if the power supply is not on. I have seen many occasions where the the machine will shut down to protect against short circuits specially when it happens at the power jack entry and this is why I didn't give much attention to a possible short circut at a different entry like the screen wiring, which means that a broken screen can also be s source of danger on the machine. Propably Advent machines are not protected against that kind of short circuts but what about other makes? and if this apply to all and it is not possible to protect the machine from inner short ciruits, what is the best way to protect against these short circuts when there is a need to work on the machine while it is on. As in my cause, I was trying to find what is causing the fluorescent light bulb in the screen to turn off from time to time and I had to examine the wires while the machine on and in fact I managed to find out what is causing to stop the flow of electricity to the light bulb wiring, which was a soldered wire which yet soldered was not transmitting energy properly and on some occasions will stop completely. Sadly, the accident happened shortly after that, where I forgot to take the power supply away.

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