Laptop vs Desktop

  ally100 12:13 03 Nov 2005

I inherited my father-in-law's old PC which is about to give up the ghost and I am going to buy a new one. I can't decide on a laptop or desktop.
I know some of the pros and cons of both but still can't decide.
I will be using the PC for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, internet, downloading music and storing music and photos.

All advice welcomed.

  Scillonia 13:48 03 Nov 2005

Hi ally100,

If you do not need to be mobile then (IMHO)a PC would be cheaper, easier to upgrade/repair.

Both a PC and laptop would do the things you need. I would suggest that you consider backup option as you would not want to lose all your photos/music files, if, say the HDD broke, so CD/DVD writer would be useful.



  Ancient Learner 17:55 03 Nov 2005

I have had to buy a Laptop for use abroad.I find that it has 2 distinct disadvantages over a Desktop;

1) the so called mouse thing is difficult to use, and the first further buy was a normal' one, and

2) the keyboard sort of bounces and therefore letters keep being missed out of words, which is, after a while, a pain, on top of which the keyboard is missing its keypad,and some of the keys, such as + require another key stroke to get them to work. It won't be long before I buy another keyboard!

  Bris 19:28 07 Nov 2005

The only good thing about a laptop is that its portable i.e. the reason for a laptops existence is peoples need for computing on the move therefore they are very much a compromise. Unless you need this portability then a desktop will always beat a laptop hands down and its much cheaper into the bargain.

  ade.h 21:50 07 Nov 2005

Well; I use both types for running a business and personal use.

I love them both, and would never want to be without either!

And, I like trackpads. Actually has the edge on a mouse for me.

  Totally-braindead 00:45 08 Nov 2005

Considering what you want it for you could get either. I suggest whatever you do get an external CD rom would be a worthwhile investment.

Personally would not buy a laptop because of the upgrading/repairing problem but then I play a lot of games.

  Danoh 00:45 08 Nov 2005

Storing music and photos points to a requirement for lots of hard disk space, especially if you get into music videos (MTV etc) which really gobbles up disk space.

Even though my laptop has an astounding 100Gb, my much older desktop has been easily upgraded to have 2 160Gb harddisk, which is not a consideration for the vast majority of laptops.

You also have to pay more for the same capability from a laptop then a desktop.

Useability; desktops can have much larger LCD screens then a laptop (mouse & keyboard already mentioned above).

I was investigating the current crop of 17 inch widescreen laptops when I realised that I will almost need an empty plane/train seat next to me to be able to use it! So went for a 15.4 inch widescreen, but then only because I have to have a mobile computer.

Mind you, a laptop does enable you to do your stuff (wirelessly) anywhere in the house/garden which you can not do with a desktop.

  The Old Mod 09:22 08 Nov 2005

Hi Ally100, I use both. The big advantage of a laptop for me is, that I can sit in the lounge with my wife and still use the pc without getting nagged, but I prefer the desktop because it is cheaper and easier to upgrade.

  field divison 14:10 08 Nov 2005

I use both too,but I use my laptop more than desktop, if you plan to go for a L/T get a docking station so you can connect a VDU/Mouse/keyboard so it just acts like a Desktop but still gives you the mobile choice.
Go for the Desktop if you plan to do alot of copying from drive to drive but dont get me wrong you can also do this on a laptop with 1 DVDRW but takes longer because it has to save it as an image.
Hope you found my info helpful..

  ally100 18:03 08 Nov 2005

Thanks everyone for your advice. We went for a laptop in the end and managed to get a free wireless router thrown in which has been quite handy in the house.

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