Laptop With Vista Slow

  hawthorn59 02:16 15 May 2007

Hello folks

Bit unusual this. Friend asked me to have a look at her brand new 2 day old Laptop. She bought it from Dell. She had an old desktop and really all she wanted to use it for was simple household accounts, for which she used some template, maybe from Works or something of the like.
She told them what she wanted to use it for, and of course they persuaded her to add Microsoft Office, at about €180 extra.

Now there dont seem to be any templates whatever for budget, birthday cards, flyers etc in Office. Oh, and its Office 2007 which someone told me is not good at all.

I also find it running v slow and sluggish. Its a core duo pentium, but just 512 ram which perhaps isnt great for Vista.
She said that she thinks she has 30 days to return it, Im not sure about that, is it normal?

My questions;

1 Should she (can she?) ask them to take back Office? And maybe upgrade the ram to 1 gig?

2 Is Office 2003 compatible with Vista? I think she has a copy of it.

3 Has office got none of these family-friendly templates / projects?

4 Can she return everything and get a refund? I feel there must be pcs with better software bundles than what Dell offered?



  skidzy 06:49 15 May 2007

Vista really needs a mininum of a gig of ram to run but two gig to run effectively.You have not mentioned what version of Vista,if preminum or above,try disabling the Aero feature to speed things up.

I would think MS Works combined with the free Open Office would do everything your friend asks.

Personally for the requirements your friend needs,i would return this system and start again and look for something that has two gig of ram.I doubt very much she would need MS Office,that extra money would be better spent on the ram upgrade.

  hawthorn59 18:05 15 May 2007

Im inclined to agree with you. i think I'll be making the phone call for her! Help!

Its Vista Basic. I suppose theres no point buying one with XP? I guess Vista is inevitable but it seems to be getting very mixed reviews.

Thanks for your help.


  Kate B 18:59 15 May 2007

I think you could argue that Dell mis-sold it to her: she didn't need Office and indeed it specifically doesn't have what she's after (though it does have some templates). Also, 512MB is not enough to run Vista, even Basic, particularly smoothly.

I think Dell is still selling laptops with XP, but to be honest, I wouldn't buy it. Vista - with enough ram - is actually very nice to use.

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