Laptop users..display settings. Advice/opinions

  mooly 07:57 31 May 2009

Not really a help request, just your thoughts on what works best for you, or perhaps you may want to try some of this. Or you might have a better solution as this isn't perfect. Personally I find microscopic text and fonts a real pain on a notebook.
I use a 17" notebook running Vista and IE8. Been trying to find the best compromise for setting the display. All really started with IE8, those small fonts ! Before this I used a lower resolution, (and accepted "soft" display. My current settings now are,

1440 by 900 pixels... the native resolution of the display. Sharp but very small, aspect ratio on on "Windows" slightly wrong. Circles are oval... to tall. Why ???? when it's the "correct" setting. There is a lower resolution setting that gives nearly perfect aspect ratio but anything other then native gives "soft" text etc.

Increased the DPI (dots per inch) to 144. Anything over 156 dpi gives a a problem with Vista gadgets in the sidebar. They have a purple outline. Gadgets are still "small", seem unaffected by dpi setting.

IE8 Have the magnification set to 130%. This setting is "remembered". So to are different settings for different tabs... great for me as BT/Yahoo new mail is positively tiny with IE8.

For "MS" Works documents and so on, I have set the "zoom" under "View" to 85%.

This is the best "compromise" I have found up to now. You can set up desktop icons and text to suit.

Am sure there must be many laptop users who find all this a problem.

  mooly 08:19 01 Jun 2009

Should have added using "Vista Basic" appearance theme not "Aero" as text is blurry in comparison.

  T0SH 10:08 01 Jun 2009

1440 x 900 assumes a widescreen format, so if circles are oval it would seem maybe that you do not have a widescreen display ? have you tried 1280 x 1024 and use the Microsoft clear type tuner to optimise clarity

Cheers HC

  mooly 12:15 01 Jun 2009

Does this sound odd. The Vista "start" orb is oval and all "Windows" circles are oval, such as the forward/back buttons on IE8 toolbar, the CPU sidebar gadget, and any round symbols for example in control panel.
Web pages however seem correct. Google circle in wikipedia and the examples display as a circle. Use Vistas snipping tool and display that image as a jpg picture and it's correct. It just seems to be Windows stuff. The Vista spinning shutdown circle is oval to.
Have cleartype enabled, and 1024/768 resolution is the nearest that gives correct windows images.
Not out by a a mile, imagine a circle say 10 across, and it's perhaps 9 wide, so appears oval. But web pages... correct.

  T0SH 16:14 01 Jun 2009

Have you looked on the Laptop makers site for the tech spec`s on your model to find the true native resolution for that screen once you know this

Right click desktop Personalize then Display Settings,click on Advanced Settings then click on the Monitor Tab then the Properties Button to bring up the monitor properties ,click on the Driver Tab and then on Update Driver then choose

Browse my computer for driver software


Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer

on the next window untick "Show compatible hardware" to get you to a list of Manufacturer options,select the Standard monitor types in the left window then scroll down in the right window until you find the native resolution and refresh rate in the List of digital flat panels or if you get lucky you may find your manufacturer listed with the correct model number ,select the one you want and click next to install the driver

I hope this helps

Cheers HC

  mooly 17:46 01 Jun 2009

Thanks Tosh. 1440/900 is the native resolution. It's a WXGA 17.1 inch screen.
I must admit that with it set up as I have it now the text is pin sharp and plenty big enough having tweaked the DPI setting.
I suspect it's going to be something I just have to live with. When I got it originally it was X.P. but got the "free" Vista upgrade disc and an Acer upgrade disc of new drivers etc for Vista. That same driver is still listed as the only one on Acers support site and NVidia don't list any for the GEFORCE 6100 graphics card for notebooks as they say they are custom tweaked by the various manufacturers for specific requirements. Had a look as you suggested under "monitor", never tried that before, unticking the "Show compatible hardware" box. Learn't something new there. That resolution doesn't appear to be listed however.
Don't worry about it... it was more of a puzzle why it should be out on "Windows" stuff but OK on web pages... would have though it would affect all the same.
It's not out by much, and my background, TV repair makes me notice any geometry errors a mile off.

  mooly 18:10 01 Jun 2009

Just for fun googled test card F images. They
display perfectly, but the Vista start orb on the same screen at the bottom is oval, as are the IE8 buttons. That's the bit I don't get, but as I say, it's not out by all that much.
Going to tick this as resolved, but hope it might encourage other notebook users to certainly have a look and perhaps a tweak. It was all very worthwhile to get the decent sized text, Icons, and a pin sharp display.

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