Laptop - USB - PC

  CutNpaste 01:05 01 Nov 2005

Is is possible to connect a usb cable from the laptop to the pc so that i can exchange filed.

  Splork 01:09 01 Nov 2005

Only with a specific USB cable for the job, like this. click here

  CutNpaste 01:11 01 Nov 2005

wow!! seems very new!!
is the usb connections the same?

  Splork 01:21 01 Nov 2005

Yes, but there's a bit of electronics in the middle - just connecting directly with a standard cable would kill one or both the computers in question. I take it you don't have a network card or connector on either machine?

  CutNpaste 01:34 01 Nov 2005

i have a network card on both comp and laptop. And even have a crossover cable conneced to both. I share the broadband of my PC to my laptop using a BCS or BSC conection.
Connection is very bad - sometimes it connects and sometimes it doesnt.
And i dont know how to set up the network to shared files.
The usb cable seems like an easy solution.
any suggestions

  Splork 01:39 01 Nov 2005

You mean like a cable TV connector? BNC? How old are the two machines? You can pick up a network card with a proper RJ45 connector from Ebuyer for about £2.50 click here - and I'd be surprised if your laptop was the one with the BNC connector. Either that or a usb>ethernet converter click here

  CutNpaste 01:43 01 Nov 2005

no!! my laptop and pc are brandnew and have ethernet connections. The crossover cable is the rj45.
Any idea how i can share files with that connection

  Splork 01:46 01 Nov 2005

It should work faultlessly - both running XP? Run the Network setup wizard on both PCs?

  Splork 01:47 01 Nov 2005

Zonealarm probably needs configuring to allow networking too - allowing a `trusted` network.

  CutNpaste 01:48 01 Nov 2005

yep XP. I've run the network setup wizard - but no hope. Nothing happens

  Splork 01:51 01 Nov 2005

You have Client for Microsoft Networks and FIle and Printer Sharing loaded in your Network COnnection settings?

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