Laptop Upgrade!

  colind4 23:20 18 Jun 2009


I posted up here I think it was a year ago about upgrading my RAM and HDD for my Acer Ferrari 3200!

Well I finally went ahead and did it and now is where the problem arises.

I don't know whats wrong anymore. I upgraded it to the max, which is 2GB RAM and 160GB HDD @ 5400rpm.

After I install XP, it works fine for like 2 days and then all the problems start after I start installing programs. I keep getting blue screens, explorer keeps crashing and then finally after I restart it keeps restarting over and over by itself. Now, I am not aware what the problem is. Although, I have a feeling it is the RAM incompatibility. The RAM i got was TwinMOS PC 3200 1 GB SO-DIMM/CL3. I kept checking on the websites and it said the Bus clock is 400MHZ.
I have no clue whats the max for my laptop.

any advise would be appreciated.


  Ashrich 23:28 18 Jun 2009

Try taking one of the sticks of memory out and see if the problem is still there , if not , just to confirm take the remaining stick out and put the other in , if the problem occurs them the stick in the PC at the time may be faulty , if there is no problem with the laptop with one stick but there is with two then it could an incompatibility .


  phono 23:31 18 Jun 2009

Is the RAM seated properly? Have you tried testing the RAM?

A good test is Memtest86 from click here download the CD ISO or floppy creation program, create the relevant disk, boot from it and let it run at least one complete pass of tests on RAM.

Also try starting the laptop in safe mode, see if it behaves normally or do the blue screens still happen.

  woodchip 23:50 18 Jun 2009

Try with the old ram. back in

  phono 00:03 19 Jun 2009

"Try with the old ram. back in"

Good suggestion. ;)

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