Laptop / Ultrabook / Tablet / Convertible???????

  tobyjft 13:13 23 Jun 2013

I think I need help! But in terms of what technology I am going to buy, I deffinitely need help.

I currently have a 6 year old laptop running Vista and running very hot and slow - despite cleaning removing just about everything I can do without. Reliability is a problem and I need to replace it.

I also have a desktop that I use for the important things but this will be going to the ex as part of the separation - she uses it for work.

Finally my phone is an HTC one that appears to struggle for memory.

What I use these things for: - work (will be increasing the need to do this) - word, excel and powerpoint at least full Office 10 level - mainly excel data analysis with pivot tables then writing reports and using data into presentations. Needs to be portable and quick. Not necesary to have projector. - social - this is where the phone is struggling - linkedin and facebook, sync'd with outlook for diary management. Also will be looking for something that can stream media for i-player to watch catch up TV through (BBC a priority so potential android problem?) and good quality camera for skype conversations with my son.

Ideally I would like one "thing" that is portable, fast, able to store (although an external storage is easy enough to get) and view media, big enough screen, practical keyboard, reliable and not a rip off.

What I consider to be in the right ball park - Surface pro or lenovo yoga.

Money-wise - I'm a Yorkshireman so don't "want" to spend anything! But realistically c£800 in the figure. I'd be prepared to get laptop and tablet separately if possible but the convertibles really caught my eye - so obviously looks etc... are in the mix. I am however, open to advice that convinces me of practicality over looks - I drive an Astra when I wanted a Scirocco!

Any help or views appreciated.

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