LapTop to TV problems : (

  flyingT- pot 14:36 21 Apr 2007

Hi ,
I recently bought a Tevion Scart lead set from ALDI
It says on the box connect PC to TV. I connected the wires as it told me . But alas no picture!

It is a s-video outut on the laptop to scart adaptor in tv plus the audio also with a red and white adapter thingy . Im confident the cables are set up right.

I phoned up there helpline The guy was nice but he said something obscure about IBM laptops svideo outputs not working properly > Min laptop is Elonex
Can anyone help???

Thank you

  Fingees 14:51 21 Apr 2007

On my laptop,I have to enable TV out in the bios.

Have a look in case yours has the same requirement.

  flyingT- pot 15:00 21 Apr 2007

im sorry i dont know what bios are?
also ive just been doing some research and I think I might need something like a scan converter????
because the TV isnt very modern. a lot more complicated than I had envisaged!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:08 21 Apr 2007

Right click an empty area on the desktop.
select properties
settings tab
advanced (displays tab)

can you see the TV setting?

  Fingees 16:05 21 Apr 2007

You can usually enter bios by pressing delete, or F2 during startup.

It should be in the manual, especially how to output to TV

  flyingT- pot 16:07 21 Apr 2007

My neighbour just came round, who works with computers
he fiddled with it a bit got a picture in Black and white, and also it was strangley aligned, so I had to drag over vlc player to the far right of my lapt- screen .
He advised me to get a dvd player that plays div x instead .
nothing is ever simple!

  flyingT- pot 17:25 21 Apr 2007

is there anything else I can do re black and white/alignment?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:30 21 Apr 2007

Make sure the TV output seting is PAL and NOT NTSC.

  flyingT- pot 08:22 22 Apr 2007

that sounds like it should do it,
however I am having difficulty finding
the setting ..
any ideas?


  flyingT- pot 20:03 22 Apr 2007

Make sure the TV output seting is PAL and NOT NTSC.

not sure where this is ????


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