Laptop to TV - Black & White ???

  Dirty Dick 18:53 12 Aug 2004

I've just bought a laptop and am trying to play DVDs down a cable onto the TV. The cable has a Scart connector on the TV end, and an S-Video connector on the Laptop end. I've followed the instructions in the manual and hey presto, the laptop desktop comes up on the TV screen BUT IT'S in Black & WHITE !!! Has anybody any ideas how to get it to show in colour, as most of my DVDs are modern and not old silent movies !!! The Laptop is a HP Pavillion zv5240us.

  Daz35 19:05 12 Aug 2004

click here or click here

Hope this helps

  Dorsai 19:33 12 Aug 2004

It sounds like the Laptop is sending the TV signal in the wrong format. There is PAL and NTSC (that i know of, perhaps others too). In the UK we use PAL. From personal experiance a NTSC signal into a PAL TV is Black and white. Check you vid card to make sure the out put TV signal matches the TV's expected signal type.

As you don't say what Vid card, cant offer suggestion as to how to check.

some Cards/software is set to default to the USA standard NTSC.

  nick_j007 19:45 12 Aug 2004

Also, check that the TV is looking for a S-Video signal from the extension on your TV that the PC is connected to.
If you send a S-Video signal through a normal AV set up it will look like B&W,



  Dirty Dick 19:45 12 Aug 2004

DAZ -Thanks

Dorsai - How do I find out what kind of a video card is installed?

  Dirty Dick 19:48 12 Aug 2004

nick_j007 - How do i check that the TV is looking for a S-Video signal?

  SEASHANTY 19:58 12 Aug 2004

S-video from PC to TV click here
Note also that for S-video connection your TV must be capable of using this facility. You must set the TV menu for S-video input. Otherwise use the composite video input + audio (that is the three RCA phono plugs Yellow (video) and red and white (audio).

  nick_j007 19:59 12 Aug 2004

On XP you can find your graphics card details by:

Right clicking on a blank space on the desktop, properties, settings, advanced. You should see a tab there with details on it.

On the TV, you need to delve into the menu settings after making a note of the extension number on the TV scart socket. Then try to change the setting from AV to S-Video or vice-versa to see if it changes anything.

Does your PC have a yellow socket for video out or an S-Video one with a series of holes btw?



  nick_j007 20:02 12 Aug 2004

Yes, as SEASHANTY points out, you need to have a Tv that will receive s-video (most modern ones do).


  Dirty Dick 20:17 12 Aug 2004

My Video Card (I THINK !!!) is an ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000/91000 IGP.

Does this make sense?

  nick_j007 20:35 12 Aug 2004

It will to those that have that card (I have nVidia).

How are you getting on then?

I think it's a case of trying to change the TV end whilst connected, then the PC end if no joy there.


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