LapTop to TV

  duplo 11:52 07 May 2003

We have conncted our laptop to the TV.

We seem to get only black and white. Its connected S-Video to the yellow video input connecter on the front of the TV.

We have plays with the settings... yet it is still black and white.

Its a 366 PII Laptop, 128RAM, ATI Rage Pro 8MB AGP2X graphics.

Any ideas please!?

  SteevScotland 13:49 07 May 2003

It could be that the laptop display setting is set to NTSC instead of PAL. This would cause the picture to be black and white.

Cheers S

  duplo 14:13 07 May 2003

Bios and Windows all set to PAL...thats what we first thought.

Cheers though...

  SteevScotland 14:31 07 May 2003

ok Im stumped then.

Cheers S

I know this might sound stupid but do you have a TV card fitted in your LapTop?

Some TVs can not cope with the graphic data from a computer and will only display it in Black and White, check with the LapTops Manufacturers web site, they often have helprooms like this one on them, and have online professional help, or they might suggest a third party device which will help you with your problem.

Try they have PC to TV convertors for sale.

  Munkeysbum 15:17 07 May 2003

Try this past link click here

  Munkeysbum 15:18 07 May 2003

Or then again don't.

One day I'll work out how to do these links!!

  Munkeysbum 15:23 07 May 2003

Here goes again,

In the search box at the top of the page enter laptop in the first box and tv in the second box and search "past month" the answer might be of help to you.

In the meantime I am going to put up a post on writing links, if the above fiasco is anything to go by.

  Munkeysbum 16:00 07 May 2003

Now I've the answer to my problem with linking... go here ---> click here

  SEASHANTY 16:20 07 May 2003

It may be something to do with the way you have connected the laptop tothe TV. I do not think that
connecting SVHS to the yellow video in on the TV works correctly. It should be SVHS out to SVHS in OR VIDEO OUT to VIDEO IN. Whenever I mistakenly set my video input to SVHS when its just composite video I get all sorts of strange happenings - including a B & W picture.

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