Laptop to TV

  David4637 13:40 06 Apr 2008

I want to connect my laptop (Tosh EA60) to my LCD TV Tosh 32” (12 months old) to play back a DVD (VOB format).

It’s really a one off thing I want to do, rather than a permanent requirement.

The laptop has got a 15 pin female serial port “size” plug, and the TV also 15 pin female port same size as the laptop.

The TV also has a number of single type input sockets for Video/audio.

Please keep it simple and advise what cables and connections I will need, for a cheap one off “lash up”

Thanks David

  jack 14:19 06 Apr 2008

Has the lappie for example an 'S Video' - take a good look round.
If you are stuck only with the monitor out put then you will need an AVI to Composite RCA adaptor plus 3,5 mm stereo jack[for earphone jack on lappie] to RCA Left/Right audio
Take a search of

click here

They have a help line look through their extensive catalogue

Do checkout all the sockets available on the lappie though

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:04 06 Apr 2008

laptop has VGA out put female
looks as if TV may have VGA input (female?)

so you need a VGA lead click here same as I use for my projector.

You will also need a sound cable, headphone socket on PC 3.5mm jack what do you have to input sound on the TV?

  David4637 20:37 07 Apr 2008

Thanks both, the VGA cable, laptop straight to the TV with an extra audio cable looks promising.
How do I tell the TV to look for the laptop signal and audio?
Thanks David

  David4637 20:41 07 Apr 2008

Just noticed your thread, Whats an S Video cable and where would it be plugged into the laptop and TV? Thanks David

  Ditch999 21:44 07 Apr 2008

S Video? click here
Shows you what to do if you have it and I think you do.

  skidzy 22:36 07 Apr 2008

This little kit for under a fiver will do the trick if you have a SVideo connection click here

  David4637 14:11 08 Apr 2008

Just noticed a small 4 pin small version of a din socket on the lappy.
Last query - if I change the PC resolution to 800x600 should I get a reasonable picture quality on the TV.
Thanks ALL for your tips

  Ditch999 14:51 08 Apr 2008

You can change the output resolution independently of the laptop screen through the Display Properties Control Panel. As you havent said what OS it is and what graphics card is thats the best I can do in the meantime.
Here's a general guide click here

  David4637 19:47 08 Apr 2008

OS XP, its a lappy, think its a Radeon card.Your link has certainly got some good info in it. I did not realise it was so complicated to set up. Now need to do work on it. Thanks David

  David4637 15:13 09 Apr 2008

One further question - if I use a laptop VGA - TV VGA cable (15 pin serial sized plug)how do I get the TV to switch to it? Thanks David

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