Laptop touchpad not working when plugged in

  grobey 20:39 05 Jan 2009

I am an electrical contractor,a year ago I installed 3 x twin sockets for computer use in an office, this was a dedicated circuit. Our client has now contacted me stating that when they have laptops plugged into the sockets, the laptop touchpads will not work!!! When they are unplugged they work again!
I have been and checked all of the wiring and everything is as it should be. This happens on more than one laptop.

Please, has anyone got any suggestions as I have no idea where to go next.


Graham the confused sparky

  Technotiger 23:04 05 Jan 2009

Find out if they work properly when plugged into the mains at their homes, not just at the office.

  grobey 08:48 06 Jan 2009

Apparantly the touchpad works fine when used elsewhere. Is it possible that wifi within the building could affect a laptop in certain areas?

Thanks for your comments


  scotty 09:45 06 Jan 2009

One possible difference is that the laptop is used with a docking station at the problem location?

Or possibly the laptops are connected to a network which is running a setup script which causes this effect?

  Technotiger 09:47 06 Jan 2009

If they were working fine a year ago, what has been changed/introduced at the office since then?

  grobey 17:42 06 Jan 2009

The laptops touchpad works fine everywhere except when its plugged into these particular socket outlets!!!!


  Technotiger 18:05 06 Jan 2009

Replace the sockets?

  grobey 19:08 06 Jan 2009

If I thought it would help Technotiger I would. The laptop is not used with a docking station and nothing has been changed in the office. Also when an external mouse is plugged into the laptop, this works fine. Looks like it may be a case for mulder and sculley or whatever their names are.

  woodchip 19:20 06 Jan 2009

They should not be affected by the Mains Power as this does not go direct to laptop. it goes through a battery. Unless these have been removed. But it should still not cause the above. It Drivers that controls if a touchpad works or not. Check Device Manager on these Laptops for correct drivers

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