Laptop switches itself off

  Was Bike Bloke 17:23 04 Jun 2005

I have a fujitsu Siemens Amilo laptop running a p4. It refuses to complete a antivirus scan without crashing. I've tried on line scans and several different programmes. It also turns itself off if connected to the net via WiFi for any length of time. Is it worth replacing the processor (overheating) or is this good money after bad. I had a heatsync fitted to the processor about six months ago. This laptop also refuses to run ipconfig (see separarate thread. I'm really confused-is this hardware (overheating), or some type of virus?

  mark2 18:27 04 Jun 2005

Which model laptop ?
to check temps download speedfan from click here ,install and run, check the temps when you begin to run a virus scan and as it continues, note the highest temp recorded. on my FS Amilo 7830 I've had the temps reach 65c (midsummer, running [email protected]) without any problem occurring.

Right click on your desktop then properties. What options do you have set in

display properties > screensaver > power ?

  Was Bike Bloke 20:13 04 Jun 2005

Power setting are all set to 'always on'. I've downloaded the Speedfan utility and will have a look. case does get very hot. CPU is Intel P4 2.2, 512 MB of ram. New CPU heat sink was fitted by Fujitsu Siemens on 30/12/03. This is an Amilo D. Temps seem stable at 36 c for majority of time. Only lists HDO, Temp1 and Temp 2.

  mark2 20:33 04 Jun 2005

to me those temps don't high enough to account for a temp induced crash (in comparison to my system) I do note that the FS click here forum is back up and running maybe a post in there will pay dividends or lead to answers to your ??'s

  Was Bike Bloke 20:50 04 Jun 2005

Temps were HDO 40C, Temp1 60C and Temp 2 69C just before it tuned itself off!

  mark2 21:00 04 Jun 2005

69 does seem a little high, have you checked the vents? checked the fan isn't clogged ? dedusted ?

  Was Bike Bloke 21:02 04 Jun 2005

Vents seem clear. temp seems to rise real fast-now HDD 21c, T1 66C and T2 79c (Laptop started after a break)I wonder if the desktop chip is just too hot for the laptop. D'ya think its worth looking for a lower temp chip?

  Was Bike Bloke 21:10 04 Jun 2005

it's up to HDO 42c T1 68c, T2 81c. Guess that's a littel hot. Any suggestions for cooling?

  mark2 21:20 04 Jun 2005

Check the fan appears to be operating correctly, recheck the fins on the heatsink are clear.

  Was Bike Bloke 22:35 04 Jun 2005

Fan & fins are clear. It's very tight for room inside the laptop case so I've even butchered some of the case to try and increase airflow. If this doesn't work it's either a replacement chip-if viable, or laptop heaven for the thing!

  Was Bike Bloke 22:46 04 Jun 2005

No worries DABA-All help is appreciated.

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