Laptop suddenly won't access network but can ping

  Rockarch 21:04 26 Sep 2006

Hoping someone can help me with no doubt an old problem.

I'm running a 4 pc network through a Belkin wireless router. No problems with anything until I took my laptop elsewhere & connected in various places both with the network card and wirelessly and now I've come back it won't see the network at all. The rest of the network is fine.

Laptop Internet connection through wireless adapter to router is fine & also printing via the router and print server. I can ping one of the other pcs with no problem. The workgroup & computer name are the same as they were.
I've run out of ideas and things to check so any suggestions gratefully received especially as I've got a load of briefcases that I need to synchronise.

  Rockarch 21:53 26 Sep 2006

I've been having a look at the MS Knowledge Base and from what I can work out my problem is to do with host name resolution. I can ping the other pcs on the network with the IP address but not with the computer name so microsoft suggests I have a problem with host name resolution but not connectivity.

I'm afraid that's now beyond me - what do I need to do to sort this out? All pcs are running XP (3 x home, 1 x pro)

  ade.h 14:37 27 Sep 2006

Why have you started a new thread on the same subject? Please mark one of them closed. I'll reply with details when I have more time.

  Rockarch 14:42 27 Sep 2006

Sorry - I started a new thread because I thought maybe the other one had been missed. I will close the other one and I really would appreciate some help as I have run out of self help ideas.

  ade.h 17:22 27 Sep 2006

HNS is in part related to NetBIOS, so you should try enabling that. Do the following on all network clients:

Select TCP/IP from your adapter's properties and click the Properties button. Click Advanced. Click the WINS tab. Choose the middle radio button to enable NetBIOS.

Let me know whether that works and I'll provide more suggestions if needed.

  Rockarch 18:08 27 Sep 2006

The setting currently is with LMHosts Lookup enabled and the default setting for NetBIOS ie use NETBIOS setting from DHCP server enabled.

The laptop I use is also configured to log onto the network at office so I wondered if this might have anything to do with it.

I'll enable NETBIOS and see what happens

  Rockarch 18:12 27 Sep 2006

Do I also need to install NWLink Netbios and NWLink IPX/SPX/Netbios protocols onto this machine as they are not present on the one giving problems but are on the others?

Just enabling NETBIOS in the TCPIP properties has caused one of the other PCs on the network to appear in windows explorer but I can't access it - get the usual error message

  ade.h 18:27 27 Sep 2006

Using the IPX/SPX protocol can sometimes solve network problems, so by all means give it a whirl. click here for info.

Your use of another network should not normally have any adverse effects.

  Rockarch 20:24 27 Sep 2006

How curious - I've installed the IPX etc protocol and I now have access to one of the PCs on the network - the one running XP Pro while the others are all running XP Home.

Any other ideas how I can get full access to the network?

  Rockarch 12:10 29 Sep 2006

Thanks for all your help ade.h - it all seems to be working now

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