Laptop stuck on GRUB screen, wont boot any OS.

  leirtac12 21:42 13 Jun 2017

So I have searched high and low for a solution but my problem is sort of complex and I couldn't find a way to solve it. The search query would be too long so I decided to post here. I have a Lenovo Ideapad 100S-11IBY, I know its garbage but I got it for free and wanted to make use of it by installing Ubuntu or LinuxMint on it instead of Windows. The BIOS supports UEFI boot only so I got my Linux OS on a USB drive and tried to install it over the Windows partition (Wiping everything' including partitions I probably shouldnt have wiped). The installation failed and I couldnt get it to boot Windows anymore or even boot into the USB drive with Linux on it. It goes into the GNU GRUB bash line thing and I cant boot into any drive, even a Windows 8 copy. The BIOS wont read any flash unless Its EFI bootable but even if it appears it goes straight into the GRUB screen instead of a setup screen, I type "boot" and get a message you need to load the kernel first. I tried that by listenting to advice on the web but non worked for me, what am I doing wront. There are limited options in the BIOS menu and I have tried a lot of things that dont seem to work. If anyone can please tell me how can I wipe the EMMC memory or Boot normally again I would be much obliged. Maybe we can start from the beggining and scratch what I did already since its such a bloody mess (._.') I have also tried Boot-Recovery to no avail. Screenshots: GRUB BASH, BIOS Screen, More BIOS, Device appears on list

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:29 15 Jun 2017

The usual thing is to disable secure boot (set to off) and enable legacy boot. If you have removed partitions then you are likly to have destroyed the chance of a reset to factory condition.

I would also be tempted to remove the HDD and connect to another PC and run diskpart and completely remove all partions and info from the drive. thus getting rid of Grub.

Reconnect to you laptop and you bootable USB should then work.

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