Laptop struggles, fan comes on and restarts. Help?

  buel 12:48 24 Mar 2013

Hi, Whenever I try to delete some files on my external hd, it says it is 'deleting' but never actually does, my laptop fans comes on, the laptop slows down so i click out of the ex hd and stop the deleting of files (which never actually delete) and still the fan is on, laptop is slow and my task manager shows that 'performance'/CPU usage is 100%. Also, it says that it is using 1.2GB of Ram and i have 4gb. From experience of the last week or so, within an hour the laptop will switch off.

Similarly, if i try to burn a DVD with too many tabs open (18 pages), it becomes too much for my laptop and it turns off.

It is Vista nd is about three years old and is a Medion

  martd7 13:05 24 Mar 2013

sounds like it getting too hot so it slows down,18tabs is a lot for an older computer If you can take the backplate off it maybe the fan has collected a load of dust,clean it with a canister of compressed air or a new paint brush

  buel 13:12 24 Mar 2013

Thanks but i still would like to know why it doesn't revert to 'normal' after i have closed the external hd and still shows as cpu usage 100.

Incidentally, i now only have 3 pages open and the fan is still on full.

  woodchip 14:22 24 Mar 2013

In a Medion bios you should be able to stop fan running all the time. That's what I did with a much older Medion Laptop than yours and it still working ok, though I have had to clean the Heat Exchanger on the CPU

  wee eddie 14:28 24 Mar 2013

It could be saying "Recycle Bin not large enough" I'll let you chose the method


  woodchip 14:48 24 Mar 2013

Or the hard drive is nearly full

  Secret-Squirrel 16:21 24 Mar 2013

Hi Buel

"and my task manager shows that 'performance'/CPU usage is 100%......but i still would like to know why it doesn't revert to 'normal' after i have closed the external hd and still shows as cpu usage 100......"

It may be helpful if you could identify which process is maxing out your CPU and affecting your laptop's performance so adversely. The next time it happens try this:

In Task Manager, click the "Processes" tab. Tick the option to "Show processes from all users" and OK any security prompts you may get. Click the "CPU" column heading to sort the processes so the busiest ones are at the top then post back the name of the guilty process. Note that you can ignore "System Idle Process" as that's the opposite of busy.

  buel 17:01 24 Mar 2013

Hi and thanks.

It says 'Firefoz.exe is taking a massive 439,908 but that is only with 4 pages open, when i had 18 or so it was nowhere near that amount?

  Secret-Squirrel 17:17 24 Mar 2013

"It says 'Firefoz.exe is taking a massive 439,908....."

Thanks but that's memory consumption and isn't what I asked for. I'm looking for the process that's using 100% of your CPU which appears to be causing the laptop to overheat and turn itself off.

Your laptop has 4GB of RAM with masses free so I'm not concerned that Firefox is using over 400MB.

  woodchip 18:17 24 Mar 2013

Is not 4 Gig of Ram too much for Vista, unless its 64 bit os

  Secret-Squirrel 18:49 24 Mar 2013

I'm sure there's no such thing as problems being caused by too much RAM Woodchip. The worst thing that can occur is that Vista will only be able to utilise around 3.2GB if it's the 32-bit version.

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