Laptop stops responding

  2square4 04:53 10 Jan 2006

I have a Mesh Pegasus laptop with an AMD 64 processor, this isn't a Mesh bashing email as I think the company are ok.

I have been having an issue for sometime with the laptop just stopping! No BSOD, no messages, no screen problems just straigtforward I don't want to respond anymore.

I have tried a few utils from AMD but power, temp etc all seem to be ok. It can happen just after boot up, during a download or while watching a movie. The only way out of it is to press the power off button and reboot. When I reboot it works fine but then it can happen again any time.

ANyone had this problem with a Pegasus, a 64 Athlon Mobile, or any other laptop?

  SG Atlantis® 08:31 10 Jan 2006

lock ups: a power issue, spyware/malware or heat issues is what normally spring to mind.

  2square4 21:55 10 Jan 2006

Thats what I have been thinking but can't find away to prove it. I installed AMD dashboard and but it does not keep a log just shows at the point information, which is not helpful when the system dies. My thoughts are:

System Overheats
Fan Starts
Power Overloads
System Freezes.

Interestingly the fan doesn't stop but seems to go mad, I think maybe because the system is not telling it to stop.

ANy thoughts on a logging program so I might look up what was happening just before crash?

  GuZ><0r 21:59 10 Jan 2006

Have you checked the windows log files. To access them control panel>administrative tools>event viewer

  MESH Support 10:59 11 Jan 2006

Have you spoken to our notebook support team about the problem?

If not, if you send me your order/serial number and screen name via [email protected] I will arrange for one of them to call you.

If you could also confirm your telephone number and any times that you will not be available it would be appreciated.

Mesh Support

  Yoda2002 11:23 11 Jan 2006

i had this on my tosiba a40 (have statbar installed) and it showed that just before the hang the processor was locked at 100% and so overheating i solved this by a simple system restore put the problem down to som emal ware or some such but none came up in and scan

  2square4 03:14 12 Jan 2006


I have spoken to your notebook team sometime ago about this but they were unable to help. What I did do was send the computer back and it went missing. Mesh sent me a new one but with the same problem.

The AMD site did mention a problem with the ACPM stuff and after loading the dashboard and playing with the power settings it has stabilised. The only power setting that gives stable performance is Always On where the voltage and frequency are not continually changed.

Unfortunately the machine has now gone POP and stopped working completely. Complicated further by the fact I just moved to Australia!

  MESH Support 12:36 12 Jan 2006

The location poses the greatest problem I think.

Unless you come back here regularly you might best getting it checked out locally, maybe befriending a local shop who could then offer a temporary maintenance contract to look after this and any future problems.

I'm not sure about shipping costs but I would imagine a years third party cover would be less than the cost of posting the laptop back with insurance.


  woodchip 14:52 12 Jan 2006

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