Laptop startup problem :-(

  [email protected] 21:33 22 Apr 2007

Hi all

I have a Toshiba Satellite 1000 series running Xp Home.

As with most old laptops the battery does not hold a charge.

I accidentily tried to switch it on 6 weeks ago when not coonected to the mains & following this it would not boot. When I tried it again the next day it seemed fine.

I have just done the same thing again (switched on when power not on at wall) & again it has gone awol.

All power lights seem to be working fine but the HD light is not active & no sound of the HD spinning (same as last time). The screen is working fine giving me the option to boot from CD & I can get into the bios which tells me there is no HD.

Any ideas?


  [email protected] 22:12 22 Apr 2007

Thats it working again fine after being connected to mains for a couple of hours.


Love to know what its up to?

  mocha 23:34 22 Apr 2007

If it happens again remove the battery(s) wait for about 20 secs. Replace batteries and plug into wall. Then Restart computer.

  DrScott 02:43 23 Apr 2007

Some laptops seem to need some battery charge to be able to work, even if they're plugged into the mains. Some also will work if you take the battery out and run it directly from the mains. But your problem sounds like the former.

  [email protected] 07:43 23 Apr 2007

Hi chaps

I tried what you suggested Mocha without any success.

I think your right DrScott!

Unfortunately the reason I was switching it on was to show a bloke who wants to buy the laptop from me the machine running.

I must have looked like a real dodgy geezer :-)

  DrScott 08:40 23 Apr 2007

I'd buy it a new battery :o)

  [email protected] 13:21 23 Apr 2007

Selling for around £150 - not sure if I would recoup the £40 + quid I would be for a battery!

Checked a few forums & it seems this is a common occurance with this model & leaving it plugged in for a bit solves it.

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