laptop start up problem

  bigboab y 15:26 11 Jan 2006

My Omnibook lappy has a problem. When I throw the power key,with the power unit plugged in,the charging light goes off and nothing happens.The only way I can get it to start is to click the reset button(with a paper clip).. at which point the charge light turns orange. If I leave it a minute then click the "SLEEP" key ,it powers up as normal and things run okay.If I use the sleep key to shut down,and again to start up,it seems to be ok. Any ideas on what could cause the power switch problem guys/gals???

  ade.h 16:01 11 Jan 2006

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that sounds very much like something hardware-related that only a laptop service specialist or the manufacturer itself could repair for you.

  woodchip 18:04 11 Jan 2006

TRy removing the battery and use mains only

  bigboab y 11:12 12 Jan 2006

Tried that Woodchip,and at first I thought you'd cracked it,but the problem is still there. If I leave it switched off for more than about 20 minutes,the fault returns.Less than that,it boots up ok.

  woodchip 14:30 12 Jan 2006

Then there is a component that is on it's way out. it needs some heat before it will keep working. If this is a old computer, that verifies the fact above as carbon Resistors go high with age, if they get a lot of volts going through them. Only way to find this would be on a test bench and to localise it with a heat gun etc

  bigboab y 17:33 12 Jan 2006

Cheers Woodchip...thot it was something like that.. It works fine as long as I use standby..I'll live with it till it blows up :-)

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