laptop speed and over heat problem

  bretjones 22:24 25 Jan 2007

ok heres the problem, i have an acer travelmate 2410 which i have just upgraded to 1200- odd ram from 256 ram, expecting to get an increase in speed. my problem is that i have not seen any noticable increase in speed in my games. im thinking that this is down to my crappy processor and cpu, as it always says my cpu is at 100% and at about 90 degrees celcious temperature, this strikes me as pretty hot. i just feel like ive just wasted 80 quid at the moment, i have also just ordered a hard drive upgrade, which i feel is wasted too, since i still wont be able to play games properly.
so basically, how do i go about making my computer faster?

  ed-0 22:44 25 Jan 2007

Are these the specifications of your travel mate computer? click here

If they are, then I think you are right.

  Ashrich 22:55 25 Jan 2007

Does your laptop not have a cooling fan and heatsink ? 90c is a bit too hot for comfort , my Celeron in my laptop idles at around 42c , an kicks in at 49c , and as for going faster to play games , don't bother , you have built in graphics on the motherboard that cannot be upgraded and that is the big bottleneck .


  Ashrich 22:57 25 Jan 2007

That should say " fan kicks in "


  skidzy 22:59 25 Jan 2007

Is the cpu usage only at 100% while playing games,if not...can you post exactly the process that is using these resources.

As above but also update and run your Av and antispyware apps.

What games are you trying to play ?

  skidzy 23:00 25 Jan 2007

Hi ed-0/Ashrich...sorry forgot my manners :-))

  ed-0 23:13 25 Jan 2007

Hi skidzy / Ashrich ;-)

If it's the celeron machine, above, then I think it's not really constructed for anything but the most basic games.:-(

having the cpu to work overtime for the game and graphics chip is bound to send the temp high. Trouble is that temp is far to high and could cause some serious damage to the machine.

  woodchip 23:17 25 Jan 2007

First things First, Get a Laptop Cooler from a Computer Fair about £10 to £12 one I got as three fans. You need a Faster drive to see a difference in Laptop Speed. Been there done that, Get a bigger drive also a 7200RPM the drive in your computer will probably be a 4200RPM.

Not much you can Do With a Laptop. memory is only good for speed if it's going to be used, Like Video Editing and multi programs running. Games work from CD or Hard Drive not Memory

  Ashrich 23:46 25 Jan 2007

Evening ( albeit late ! ) Skidzy/ed-0/and Woodchip , surely adding a 7200rpm hard drive will increase the heat even further and won't do that much for game play with the inbuilt graphics , probably the best that bretjones can do is to allocate the maximum amount of shared ram to the graphics and make the best of a bad job , unless it isn't too difficult to do a processor upgrade , the Celeron 370 has a 1mb cache which I think has a Dothan type core meaning , if it is accessible that it could be replaced with a Dothan based Pentium M processor , like a 735/735a with a 1.7ghz speed rating and 2mb cache , now that would give it an appreciable boost without increasing the heat output .


  woodchip 23:50 25 Jan 2007

From My own experience with My Laptop. I did the above. Faster drive means less CPU heat as the hard drive can give the CPU data faster. It will not be working all the time. I just got fedup waiting for windows etc to load, Drive working over time.

  bretjones 23:52 25 Jan 2007

@ ed - yes it is the one, lovely aint it? :(

@ Ashrich - it does have a fan underneath, but im not sure about the heatsink, i would take it apart but i dont wanna break anthing any more than it is. im not too bothered about the graphics, as long as i can run the games im playing now smoothly (age of empires 3, rome total war, that sort of thing). thats why i bought the ram, i thought it would make the games run smoother, i guess not.

@ woodchip - i have just ordered a new hard drive: click here
will this make any difference?

reading over your responses, i think i might just invest in a desktop, as soon as i get the money together, seeing as they are easier to customise and whattnot. is it a good idea to buy a cheapy one (say 400 quid from comet) and then upgrade it from there? or is it better to start from scratch? as you can see im pretty naive, any suggestions, links, whatever would be really appreciated, thanks.

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