Laptop specification

  phil2816 21:13 19 Jul 2006

Hey whats the best specification of a laptop to have with the purpose of using it as a sound-type with good sound card etc...or in general whats a good (and affordable!) ;aptop to have?Thanks!!

  De Marcus™ 21:27 19 Jul 2006

Any modern laptop coupled with one of these click here is a superb choice. The Echo Indigo is considered by many audiophiles to be the best available for laptops.

  sean-278262 00:08 20 Jul 2006

Marcus is right any system coupled with a decent external soundcard will serve 99.99% of people fine. To be honest a cheap 30quid creative labs system will do you fine coupled with a cheap end laptop. But do beware if you spend little on the machine dont expect a lot. Low end laptops are renound for having slow hard drives, crap processors, little ram and overall poor running specs. Personally I would spend no less than 600 - 650 on a laptop for any task just to get a little bit more and be a bit more future proofed.

I spent 640 on my acer aspire and I am glad I forked out a little more as it has more than enough power for what I do which day to day isnt a lot but Im sure a lower machine would be a pain!

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