Laptop Sony VAIO Hard Disk Issues? What Do I Do...

  [email protected]!nD 21:31 21 Feb 2008

Hi there,

I purchased a VAIO laptop approximately three weeks ago and in the first week I had it in a heavy satchel bag (shaped like a Laptop Bag but evidently not enough protection!) at university and when someone came to shake my hand, the strap of the bag fell from my shoulder resulting in the bag falling to the ground. As soon as I switched the laptop on Windows Vista displayed a blue screen indicating that it was making a crash dump and if the problem hadn't happened before to restart, however when I did restart it didn't turn on with the power symbol being displayed but the hard disk not kicking in. I tried it about three or four times but it didnt turn on. I later tried it an hour later and it worked. I later took the laptop home and it worked fine, however later on after working fine when I switched it on and off several times it crashed while I played music, the next day it didn't start and again when I returned it worked, however now it has beem working fine for the past fortnight, granted the first week I didn't dare moving it due to an assignment being due but I have started taking it out and infact writing this on a shaky train.

I suspect the problem was due to a fault of the hard disk as it wasn' whirring, so my question is as I am still within my first month, doI give it in to see if I can get a replacement or keep my current machine as I have not had any problems so far, my warranty is for a year but I think after the first month it only covers repairs

Would appreciate any help/advice on this, especially if you think I might have problems with the machine down the line

  [email protected]!nD 14:23 25 Feb 2008

the laptop has now packed in and the same problem is reoccuring, is it likely to be the hard disk/.

  sunny staines 14:26 25 Feb 2008

Does your parents home insurance cover you?
take it back to the sony centre and get them to replace a faulty hdd.

  [email protected]!nD 14:40 25 Feb 2008

well the problem is i bought it from an online retailer, do u think its likely a hard disk failure as opposed to the motherboard meaning that only the hard disk would have to get replaced?

  rawprawn 15:19 25 Feb 2008

If you bought it using a credit card. The first thing is to check with the credit card company, for example I think Barclaycard Visa cover purchases over £100 for 1 month.

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