laptop slowdown

  gpx600 09:42 07 Nov 2007

Hi I have a problem with my Toshiba satelite M70 over the last 2 months it is taking up to 5mins to finish loading after login.Available physical memory has gone to 370mb from a total of 1gb and there are 66 processes running.I've run AVG and spyware doctor and all apears ok any help would be appreciated.OS is XPSP2 with all updates.

  rawprawn 09:51 07 Nov 2007

Go to Start>Run> type msconfig and then hit Enter.
Click on the Start Tab and untick any programs not needed at start up. (Hardly any are really needed) this does not affect the program itself it just stops them loading automatically.

  birdface 10:00 07 Nov 2007

You could try Winaso Optimizer this will speed your computer up but it looks as though you may have to many programs running at start up.You want the free version or trial version, it only repairs 10 items at a time so you might have to run it Quite a few times.I had to run it 14 times.But your computer will run faster when you have finished,click here Once you have run it and removed everything there is registry defrag on it.i would also run that.Now it does an automatic restore ,So if you are not sure about anything you know that you can restore it back to the way you had it.I have never had to use it,but nice to know that it is there,Once you have run that you will have to see what programs you have running at start up,And is there any in add remove that you no longer use,if so remove any of those first before running Winaso.

  birdface 12:01 09 Nov 2007

Spyware Doctor will take a while to load,I had to stop it loading on start up it took so long.And just used it to scan when I wanted it to.others will tell you if you want full time protection that you have to run it at start up.I just used it as a back up and ran it when I thought that something was not quite right.

  Totally-braindead 12:13 09 Nov 2007

Agree with rawprawn and buteman its almost certainly startup programs thats the problem. Do be careful what you disable as some progs are needed for windows to run, if you have a problem restart in safe mode and retick the box you unticked. So pay attention to what you disable so you can reenable them if needed.
Also a defrag can help if its not been done for a time and running something like Ccleaner to get rid of rubbish click here and make sure theres enough free space on your hard drive as well. If its getting too full you might have to delete some programs.

  birdface 12:18 09 Nov 2007

I would go with rawprawn.I have 6 programs running at start up and maybe I could remove 2 of those.

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