Laptop slow at doing things

  andy63walsh 09:14 11 Feb 2007

My laptop seems a little slow when you do things, whats the best way to speed it up, it's a HP pavillion, zd7143ea(zd7000series)

  Gongoozler 09:23 11 Feb 2007

Has it always been like this, or is it a new phenomenon?
Do you mean that it's slow to load programs or something else?

  andy63walsh 09:28 11 Feb 2007

It is a little slower than when i got it, but i guess it's because i have more programs, photographs etc. Programs like macromedia fireworks, pictures and if i have say two programs open and i close one, it almost looks like the graphics are slow, but i suppose it could be any thing.

  Gongoozler 09:49 11 Feb 2007

Try running Ccleaner click here, this is good at removing clutter that accumulates on a computer. Programs loaded on a computer shouldn't have much effect on the performance, but programs running in the background do.have a look at you startup list (Start - Run. Type in msconfig and click OK. Click on the "Startup" tab and see what is in the list). Some of the items in the list will be important, such as your antivirus program, but some just take up your computer resources. If you want, post the list here and we'll see if we can identify those that you don't need.
The other thing that has a major bearing on speed is how much memory your computer has.

  alltime 09:52 11 Feb 2007

Hi,If your laptop is running slow it probably needs a good clean up. Try this trial to clean it up and to put your registry in order, you can delete it in add remove programes after the trial period. just hit the download button,
click here
Hope it helps

  provider 2 10:20 11 Feb 2007

I think it would be a good idea if you were to read this reality check before you get into registry or other cleaning operations.

  provider 2 10:20 11 Feb 2007
  andy63walsh 12:17 11 Feb 2007

I have tuneUp utilities 2007, does this help much ?

  provider 2 12:36 11 Feb 2007

Maybe this might be a better source for clean-up here

  Gongoozler 13:09 11 Feb 2007

I would avoid any sort of tune up utility, they often change things that are better left unchanged. I have never had problems using Ccleaner, and the latest version avoids deleting items that might be useful. You can always untick "Old prefetch data". Admittedly cleaning out temp and temporary internet files won't make a dramatic improvement.
The most common cause of a system slowing down is having to many applications running in the background. The program writers may think that their creations are needed all the time, but that isn't always the case, and the list given by msconfig can be useful there. One of the most insidious sources of unwanted background programs is adware, downloaded onto your computer by some websites. If you download and run AdAware click here, this will check for such unwanted nasties.

  provider 2 15:13 11 Feb 2007

Further to Gongoozler`s post, processes that are not supposed to be running can also cause slowdowns. There is a good little add-on (this month`s PC Advisor DVD), called Quick Access which lets you access Process Library to indentify what`s running and whether or not it`s OK.

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