Laptop shutting down on battery power

  Cyberbia 17:33 15 Jun 2008

Hi everyone

Advent 7011 Laptop running XP.

I've just been given the above laptop but I've had to buy a new battery.

The new battery was duly charged up. However
when I start the laptop, XP gets as far as the Windows Boot Screen and then the laptop switches itself off.

Run it in 'safe' mode it boots up and runs fine.

Try and run it again in normal mode and it switches off during the Windows Boot Screen.

(Running it on AC power supply is fine).

Any ideas why it wont run on battery power in normal mode, but runs on battery power in 'Safe' mode?

  woodchip 18:10 15 Jun 2008

Try running System Restore if there are any points in Restore.

Start\Programs\Accessories\Tools\System Restore look for old date in Bold. You can do this in Safe mode

  Cyberbia 19:43 15 Jun 2008

Hi Woodchip

I'll give it a go.

  mfletch 19:51 15 Jun 2008

Try disabling some programs from starting on start up {disconnect from the net first}

And see if it helps,

start>run>type in the box> msconfig>Enter>startup

  woodchip 20:23 15 Jun 2008

PS also check power settings in Control panel and in Device Manager for Lan. Etc

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