laptop shutdown??? virus???

  jonostar 17:06 28 May 2005

i have a dell inspiron 5100 laptop// all of a sudden its started shutting down completely.. not restarting... as though the on off button is being pressed.i tried to run my norton antivirus but the comp wont stay on for logn enuff...any ideas what this cud be .. any ideas on how to resolve this issue wud be gratefully recieved .. thanks..

  Taff36 17:50 28 May 2005

Is it closing down properly, saving settings etc as would happen if you exited Windows or is it suddenly switching off?

  jonostar 18:12 28 May 2005

suddenly swithcing off//

  jonostar 19:19 28 May 2005

without warning /// different times

  Taff36 19:31 28 May 2005

Doesn`t sound like a virus. Which Operating System (98, 98SE, ME, XP etc) are you using and what type of computer is it?

We need to check what Power Options may be cutting in or check if it`s overheating which could cause it to switch off.

  jonostar 19:36 28 May 2005

i will check them things.. operating system xp pro .. dell inspiron 5100 laptop//

  jonostar 19:44 28 May 2005

i checked in control panel for power stuff everythignis set how it was .. never to switch off there a way to check for over heating ??

  jonostar 19:51 28 May 2005

ps i just run a virus check.. norton . and it shut off again .. what can i now do to identify the problem,,, many thanks

  jonostar 20:00 28 May 2005

ps // realised my lappy was awfully quiet .. further inspection and my fan dont work anymore.. gonna look aroun dfor new fan price etc.. thanks to n e one who read/helped// craig

  Taff36 20:16 28 May 2005

click here Looks like a design fault but we narrowed it down to the fan pretty quickly on our own.

  jonostar 20:34 28 May 2005

thanks taff36

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