Laptop shut down - won't turn back on again

  julie050702 07:05 03 Jun 2009

Hi I wonder if you could help me, I was using my Toshiba Satellite Pro A210 (just over 1 year old) last night and it froze on i-tunes then the whole machine shut down but it will not switch back on again. Of course none of the photos or i-tunes music is backed up! Can you advise what I should do next? I was thinking battery but the machine is only just over 1 year old and I normally use it on the mains.
Thank you in advance

  mooly 07:18 03 Jun 2009

Disconnect from the mains. Take the battery out. Then hold the power button for 20 seconds or so. Leaving the battery out, try again on mains and see if it powers up.

  julie050702 07:23 03 Jun 2009

Thank you mooly, the laptop has powered up on the mains only. Battery is still out. When/how should I try it with the battery in?
Kind Regards

  mooly 07:30 03 Jun 2009

Disconect again from mains again and put the battery back. See if it shows as charging. If it seems OK disconnect the mains and see if it runs on battery. Might be a failing battery. Only one way to find out... see if it works from fully charged.

  julie050702 07:38 03 Jun 2009

Thank you again for your advice mooly, the battery would appear to be charging. Once charged I will see if it runs just on the battery.
Kind Regards

  mooly 07:43 03 Jun 2009

That's it.
Was it running on mains or battery when it failed ?

  julie050702 08:24 03 Jun 2009

I was running it on battery, then the battery was about to die so plugged in the mains cable, it died soon after that.
Battery is now at 57%, but have to go out to take children to school so will have to shut it down now. Will do the next step when home again later.
Thanks again, take care

  mooly 12:06 03 Jun 2009

Hi Julie, it may all just be a one off this, but let us know how you get on.
Make sure it's OK on mains first, that it shuts down correctly and starts correctly.
If that seems OK, try running on battery again. Keep an eye on the time remaining/power indicator to see if it's discharging very quickly, a sign of a duff battery.
If it all seems OK it's well worth running a disc check as it shut down incorrectly. Take it it's Vista. This takes about 45 mins or so to run, it doesn't need you there though.
Click the start orb and select "computer" Right click the main "C" drive and select "properties" Then select "Tools" at the top and "Error checking" Make sure both boxes are ticked and OK it. It will then say cannot perform as the disc is in use, so if you have time do a restart and let it get on with it.

  julie050702 13:02 03 Jun 2009

Hi mooly, the battery is fully charged and I have unplugged mains so all seems to be ok. Like you say possibly a one off. I will run the disc check like you advise.

I did notice the laptop get very hot underneath yesterday evening, I was working with it on my lap, could that have anything to do with it?

Anyway, thanks so much for your time and advice, much appreciated.
Kind Regards

  mooly 13:10 03 Jun 2009

Heat's not good. If you block the vents then yes, could well cause a problem. Heat shortens battery life too.
If you are only doing "light" stuff on battery, try switching to "Power saver" plan. Just click the power icon in the notification tray and select it. Will run a little cooler, but slower. Battery lasts longer too. I normally use "Balanced" on mains. It won't mess anything up... try it, and when you have done just reselect balanced.

  julie050702 13:16 03 Jun 2009

Will do, thanks for that.

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