laptop shut down

  peter gr 10:23 28 Sep 2009

My new laptop does not appear to shut down properly. Whether I click on Hibernate, Sleep ot Shut Down, the result is the same: the screen blacks out but the power stays on and the hard disc indicator light flickers. I have to shut down with the on/off switch on the keyboard or I get error notices on start up: "Windows did not shut down successfully" or "Windows has recovered from an unexpected error".
Can it be fixed on the computer or does it have to go for repair?

  peter99co 13:02 28 Sep 2009

Check your Power options from the control panel to see what is set.

  peter gr 15:22 28 Sep 2009

When plugged in all settings are on sleep. On battery the power button and lid are on shut down. I take it that the power button referred to is the one on the screen but in fact it's only the on/off on the keyboard that shuts the computer power off.
Should the indicator light show in the sleep Mode?

  peter99co 20:08 28 Sep 2009

The power button is the one you press to start up your laptop.

If you close the lid it will sleep on battery.

Change on the power setting to suit your needs- when on mains and when on battery.

In sleep mode it is still on and will wake up if you press a key

  peter gr 07:59 29 Sep 2009

But closing down by any of the screen options leads to the above error messages when recommencing and the power, dial-up modem and battery indicator lights stay on. Is this right?

  peter99co 20:31 29 Sep 2009

Probably not. I would check Help and Support for how to set up your needs.

  peter99co 20:34 29 Sep 2009

Have you checked the Advanced Tab on Power Options?

  peter99co 20:42 29 Sep 2009

Do you click Start/Turn off computer/Shutdown and then wait for it to complete it's shutdown?

Or do you click Start/Log off?

  peter gr 07:57 30 Sep 2009

I haven't used Log Off. Worth a try. Haven't seen an Advanced tab.I just use Start/Shutdown, Hibernate or Sleep, wait for it to close down and when it doesn't switch off completely I open the case and use the on/off switch.

  peter99co 15:29 30 Sep 2009

Log off is no use to you unless you are using your laptop with more than one sign on.

Are you closing the lid before it stops running?

What does open the case refer to?

(when it doesn't switch off completely I open the case and use the on/off switch.)

If you close the lid it may just sleep.

The sleep allows you to just close the lid and a short time later open the lid and awake the machine without going into a complete startup.

I shutdown as follows.

Click start. Click Closedown. Choose Shutdown and then wait until it has stopped and then close the lid.

  peter gr 19:34 30 Sep 2009

I close down exactly as you say but the computer stays on and all the lights stay on and when I want to recommence I get the error messages. The only way to avoid the error messages is to open the lid after a few minutes and press the on/off button.

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