Laptop setup. O/S on external drive??

  second best 15:49 05 Dec 2007

Hello. i have an HP Pavillion zd8480EA. FYI it has a 4200rpm drive 2gig RAM P4 3.2.

It has run pretty much without a hic for over 18 months now, but it's just not that fast at times. I want to upgrade the HDD, but i'm wondering if i can just add an external USB HDD and use that for my o/s. I do a lot of Photoshop and video editing (well not that much, but it's what i use it for)

I know i can't, or it seems i can't upgrade my graphics card, but at least i can speed up my HDD.

If i can't use an external USB HDD, can you suggest an alternative internal drive.


  second best 15:59 05 Dec 2007

On second thoughts, are there any wizards out there that can advise me on an ideal setup. i'm crossing my fingers that my drives don't go down anytime soon, and i'm planning on backing my vids and pics up onto dvd's as i type.

i'm stuck with this laptop for at least another year it looks like, apr 09 i think. Rentsmart- long story.

basically, i want as fast and secure as possible with the limited offerings of said laptop.


  Technotiger 16:07 05 Dec 2007

I am pretty sure you would have problems trying to run your OS from an external drive, but it would be a good idea to have all your photos, videos, documents etc on an external drive to free-up your internal drive.

Also, perhaps a bit of maintenance on your internal drive, like running Ccleaner click here and de-frag etc.

You could also consider Acronis True Image for backing-up your internal drive, and saving the back-up to your external drive.

  second best 16:12 05 Dec 2007

Thanks Techno. I'm not a total novice, so i'm already doing those things. I clean on a regular basis, but no matter how 'clean' my machine is, it still only has a 4200 drive and a cheap, or let's say, not one of the best graphics card.

I'm going to buy another external asap, but i want to upgrade my internal. My maxtor is a couple of years old now and has had some seriours use. I don't want to temp fate, it's already gone on my once, but i think i screwed it up by restarting around fifteen times without safely removing it from my old pc. thankfully, most of my data was recovered, and a good format seemed to get it back on track. it's been running now for over a year. finger crossed.

  second best 21:01 15 Dec 2007

any more advice on internal hardrives and the like?

  woodchip 21:13 15 Dec 2007

You will get better speed by just fitting a 7200rpm hard drive, external will run, but it will be slower

  woodchip 21:15 15 Dec 2007

PS I had a 4200 drive in a Laptop, it was painfuly slow until I fitted a 7200rpm

  second best 21:23 15 Dec 2007

thanks woodchip. can you reccomend one possibly.

  woodchip 21:38 15 Dec 2007

It was only a Small one in my Medion a 30Gb Hitachi, So I got a 60Gb 7200 Hitachi. At boot up it was slow The Drive light was on all the time. I used Acronis True Image to setup the New Drive so it will even run using the Medion Restore disc even thought the disc is twice as big. I did not change Medion C:\ drive Partition size so the Restore cd would work if needed

  woodchip 21:40 15 Dec 2007

You are best taking the plate of the bottom of laptop to see what make drive, I would try to stick with same make, then you are less likely to have problems

  second best 21:41 15 Dec 2007

ok, well i'll take it one step at a time then, and prob upgrade in the new year. thanks.

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