Laptop screen/Vista reinstall problems

  Miloss 21:42 07 Jan 2012

Hi. today my laptop decided to strike..I have Acer Aspire 7720G.I went on the youtube to watch some clips and suddenly the screen went black and blue screen error message appeared and system restarted, after Vista loading, the same blue screen appeared and restarted again, I didn't have time to read it all, but it said that Windows needs to be restarted.After 3rd self restart, the screen gone black and "ghosty", CPU and hard drive are on, so as power and battery, but nothing on screen.So I went for a hard shut down, turned it on again, but screen seemed to be dead.I hooked it on external monitor via VGA,and the screen works on it, and I had a choice of Safe mode.. and so on. I logged through safe mode, and ran Restore system, restarted, chose run Windows normaly, but same thing again - blue screen -> restart system -> choice of "safe mode" and all others.I have ran the startup fix, but no improvement. I have reinstalled Vista from factory settings, but now I get the "0xc0000221" error code for driver after installation.

Please please help, as I'm strugling what to do now.

  Miloss 01:10 08 Jan 2012

It seems I resolved the problem.. partialy.. it looks like one of the RAMs are causing it.Currently I have one 1GB, and one 2GB, both DDR2 533MHz 5300.I have removed one of them each time.There is no problem with 1GB by itself, but 2GB looks like causing the problem - after a while of running it turns the screen off and startup won't happen..

  Miloss 09:59 08 Jan 2012 worked,but now it stopped working again.the screen went blank and again,unable to see anything in boot page,nothing...I've tried 3 different RAMs..please help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:04 08 Jan 2012

STOP Error 0xC0000221: STATUSIMAGECHECKSUM_MISMATCH STOP error 0xC0000221 means that a driver or a system DLL has been corrupted. STOP code 0xC0000221 may also display "STATUSIMAGECHECKSUM_MISMATCH" on the same STOP message.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:05 08 Jan 2012

STOP Error 0xC0000221: STATUS _ IMAGE _ CHECKSUM _ MISMATCH STOP error 0xC0000221 means that a driver or a system DLL has been corrupted. STOP code 0xC0000221 may also display "STATUS _ IMAGE _ CHECKSUM _ MISMATCH" on the same STOP message.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:05 08 Jan 2012

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  Miloss 11:13 08 Jan 2012

Thanks for reply.I've tried to reinstall Vista from hidden partition that came with laptop, but it doesn't work eiher.Do you think the Vista installation cd would help? I don't get blue screen anymore, only the blank screen.System works on external monitor in Safe modes, but not on normal anymore..

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:09 08 Jan 2012

If it works in safe mode but not normal mode that suggests a corrupt driver.

which should have been fixed by the start repair

may be the hdd is corrupt

try booting to the tolls and f select commnd promt and type

chkdsk /f

when checkdsk has completed see if it will reboot.

  Miloss 21:57 09 Jan 2012

Hi.Ive put a Windows 7 in it, but the screen doesn't work on laptop, only on external monitor, so I'm not able to see anything on laptops screen.Is this a sign of the graphics card could be damaged? If I select Vista, the screen works on external monitor but until the point of loading Vista in normal mode.

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