Laptop Screen - Strange Bootup Happenings!

  Ben Avery 09:25 27 Jun 2003


This isn't a major problem as the laptop works fine when booted up but I've noticed that when you turn it on (Dell Latitude CPx) the Dell screen and the Windows 2000 Professional screen have shrunk and occupy just a box in the centre of the screen. As soon as the bootup reaches the stage where the small "Windows 2000 is starting up" window appears (with the blue background) the full screen is being used again and remains full screen once booted.

It's almost as if the startup screen is booting at a different resolution all of a sudden?!

If you can imagine a screen with a resolution of 1078x768 with just an 800x600 screen centred in it, that's what it looks like. The border is black.

It never used to do this, only started yesterday upon booting up.

Any thoughts why, or indeed how to change it back?!


  Aspman 09:55 27 Jun 2003

I think they do boot at a different resolution until the display drivers are loaded. You are probably used to having this stretched to fill the screen but your laptop does it differently. I think most windows systems still boot at 640x480.

It would be something I would have thought always happend though. Don't know why this would change unless you had altered the bios possibly.

  Ben Avery 10:02 27 Jun 2003

No change to BIOS or anything like it. Only thing that could be a factor is that my sister tried to plug it into a TV monitor whilst watching a movie using the S-Video to composite adapter and apparently it didn't seem to work.

I've never used it so wouldn't know how to try it out!

Could that have done anything?


  Ben Avery 14:35 01 Jul 2003

FYI when it had been fiddled with, someone (who will remain nameless!) must have pressed the "Font" button (Fn+F7) and pressing it again has put it back to the full screen bootup.


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