Laptop screen problems, help?:-)

  harrybb1991 22:48 25 Oct 2009

I have a nearly 2 years old HP pavillion dv9705ea laptop.

Recently when moving the screen, and depending on where it stops, dark areas of the screen, for example black, and dark blue, green lines will appears vertically.

To be more detailed there will be a 1 pixel width green line, then 1 pixel width black, then green etc.

Any body know what it could be?

I have reseated the inverter and lcd cable in the screen, however i am unsure as to how to disassemble the rest of the laptop.

Do you think this will be a pricey repair?

Thanks Harry.

  Audio~~Chip 23:57 25 Oct 2009

Could be a few reasons for what this problem is. Re-seating the invertor is not going to make a difference but replacing it may actually fix it and for the cost of about £6 - £12 it may be worth replacing it to fix it.
Most laptops are all very similar put together, and striping them down is a similar standard process.

I used this when I started out and now I can strip laptop blindfolded (well not quite)

Click on the small pics will expand the pictures so you can look at them better
click here

  mooly 07:20 26 Oct 2009

The inverter provides the high voltage for the backlight tube, and any problems here would affect the whole display (brightness fluctuations etc)

It sounds more like a problem with the connections to the LCD panel itself, particularly as it's "physical" and moving the screen causes the problem or a problem with the panel itself.
Can you make the problem and go by GENTLY twisting the lid ?

  woodchip 08:42 26 Oct 2009

You need a New Screen, not cost effective to repair the Screen

  woodchip 08:43 26 Oct 2009


A Ribbon cable inside the screen is becoming detached from Contacts

  harrybb1991 09:14 26 Oct 2009

The problem does not go away if i gently twist the screen, does this confirm what "woodchip" suggested?

  mooly 12:19 26 Oct 2009

Twisting the screen was just a way to try and "prove" the problem was physical as you said it seemed to happen when you moved the screen.

Is the problem there all the time ? or can you move it and get it correct itself... even if only for a second or two.
If you can alter the symptom by moving it, then that rules out anything like a graphics driver problem... which as Woodchip says leaves you with a screen or connection issue.

A driver issue could conceivably do something like this but it would not be altered by movement.

  woodchip 19:13 26 Oct 2009

A Video for you to watch, click here you need to be patient to watch it, Just a point before you do, one pixel in your screen as three colours in it red green and blue, think then how many pixels your screen as, now treble that in connections and wires in the Ribbon Cable to turn on one of the colours to make up a picture, Video card controls Switching. So that could be faulty but very unlikely as it would more likely affect more than one Pixel. So as I said above it most likely the connections on the screen hat are not worth repairing as a machine puts them together. If you are not a watch maker think how hard it would be to repair one. then think of the above. The mind boggles on the amount of connections to it

  woodchip 19:14 26 Oct 2009

Click the Video at the bottom

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