laptop screen problem

  Liza 01:56 11 Aug 2008

My laptop has suddenly developed screen problem. I was on line via AOL in my living room. I left the room to go to the kitchen when I returned after some time the screen showed horizontal lines which were scrolling up down non stop. I turned off by pressing the on/off switch. After some time I logged on again when again horizontal lines appeared so I have had to connect to my desktop lcd for viewing. The desktop screen is showing perfect pictures etc but the laptop continues to go crazy with lines. Has my laptop lcd gone kaput. I bought the laptop in 2002 from Tiny Computers. It is Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.4 ghz with 224 mb ram. Liza

  crosstrainer 06:12 11 Aug 2008

Either your screen or the graphics chip.

  Taff™ 06:38 11 Aug 2008

Possibly the inverter rather than the screen crosstrainer?

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:52 11 Aug 2008

Not the inverter, the inverter controls the backlight, not what is displayed on the screen.

  woodchip 13:39 11 Aug 2008

New screen needed

  woodchip 13:42 11 Aug 2008

Inverter can effect the Screen, although main function is for the backlight. Frequency Problems can come from Inverter. Its a bit like Static as an example

  Liza 23:02 11 Aug 2008


Thanks all. I'll have a think whether I'd want to buy a new screen or flog it on ebay. It has office 3 etc. Liza

  NETCHRIS 01:59 12 Aug 2008

I had a similiar problem, my iBook laptops screen for 3 years now has been not displaying properly, with hectic colored lines jumping about, the loss of large color gamut and other things not pleasing to the eye, these symptons would only occur if I would move the screen forward or backward. So I really had no choice but do view the laptop in a few angles. But today, it has fixed itself randomly, I thought it was the wires where the screen meets the laptop but I must of been wrong. And I'm happy I was.

  Liza 13:48 12 Aug 2008


Thanks for your reply. Mine shows horizontal about 2 cm coloured lines according to the program I am on, e.g. aol blue, IE, different colour lines and so on and they keep moving. I can see the words. I feel the graphic card is faulty as crosstrainer has said. I will continue to use it as is via my desktop. maybe something will come by I dont know. Did you ever take your laptop to be repaired I did so I think I've been diddled for I find my memory is much smaller than 512, its 224. Where is the card, I know where the hd, memory are. Thanks, Liza

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