Laptop Screen is it broken??? Pls Help

  Cinderella24 09:29 09 Oct 2006

My Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop was on and when I returned to it about 15 mins later the right hand side of the screen was missing. Approx 2 inches were black and an inch of grey area. I restarted it and it doesn't just happen when I have the Windows desktop fully loaded it was still there while the Dell loading screen etc were on during startup (logging in password etc). I've left it off for over 12 hours now in case it was overheating or anything but this morning those 3 inches are all now black. We've also done a full virus scan just in case but nothing was found. Can someone pls tell me does this mean its totally knackered now? And what might have caused this to happen? I haven't got it dirty or wet at all. I can still use it to some extent but obviously with a bit of the screen not working I can't do anything on the icons on the right side of taskbar. Screen resolution is same as before so this isn't prob. Have also tried unplugging screen and back in again
Thanks in advance if anyone thinks of anything I can't afford to get it fixed or new screen.

  Gongoozler 09:41 09 Oct 2006

I'm not at all expert on this, but to me it seems that a part of the screen addressing has failed in some way, an dalmost certainly nothing you have done has caused it. If you are brave enough and skilled enough to open the case, you might find that it is just the ribbon cable connector that links the screen to the motherboard that needs reseating. You can prove that the laptop up as far as the display connector is working OK by connecting the video output to a desktop monitor.
This page shows how the laptop screen is connected click here

  Graham. 10:08 09 Oct 2006

Could be the light tube has slipped or is failing.

Here's a picture of one:

click here

  Gongoozler 10:17 09 Oct 2006

I didn't think of that Graham. If the display fades to grey at the edge of the good area, then black up to the screen edge, that certainly points to a tube problem rather than the LCD. If it is the tube, then very likely there will be a hint of picture content against the grey and black backgrounds.

  Input Overload 10:36 09 Oct 2006
  Cinderella24 10:49 09 Oct 2006

Hi. Cheers for your replies. I have plugged my laptop into plasma TV and it displays fully. When you say about resetting ribbon cable, is this just done by unplugging it and back in again cos we had already tried this and still same prob. Sorry to be stupid, I don't know a huge amount, what do you mean by a tube prob - does this mean something I can't fix?

I'm gutted we've only had it for 18 months (so warranty over) but even though its a laptop we don't take it anywhere, it sits on a desk and occasionally gets carried downstairs to play games through the TV so its not been knocked around or anything.

  Taff™ 11:29 09 Oct 2006

I would speak to Dell Customer support and explain the problem. Providing the laptop hasn`t been abused (dropped for example) they may be sympathetic to a reduced cost repair.

Reasonably a consumer might expect a laptop to give untroubled service for longer than 18 months and this problem shouldn`t happen during normal use.

  Gongoozler 12:35 09 Oct 2006

Opening the case to reseat the connector or replace the tube is only for professionals or enthusiastic and knowledgeable amateurs. I would strongly advise doing as Taff™ suggests, and if that fails then go to a reputable repairer.

As a matter of interest, the function of the tube is to provide a backlight for the display panel. It's rather like a fluorescent tube. The liquid crystal panel then filters the light to provide the picture.

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