Laptop screen gone-can i connect to TV to use?

  buel 20:56 18 Jan 2011

a friend text me today to say his laptop screen has gone 'fuzzy and you can not see a thing, i think it's cracked'.
He wants to know if he can extract all the files from the hard drive, i said that it is possible but the hard drive would have to be taken out.
I also asked why he doesn't get the screen repaired and he said he had a quote for £200 and that it was 3 years old so will probably be getting a new one.

My question is is it possible to connect the laptop to a monitor/TV so he can complete this transfer of files?

  GaT7 21:57 18 Jan 2011

Yes, should be OK as long as:

1. The screen is the only non-working component

2. The laptop & monitor/TV have compatible ports to connect them up, & the necessary cable

3. He knows the key sequence to use to switch the display to the external monitor/TV (relevant info should be in the manual)


  buel 22:04 18 Jan 2011

Thanks Hero!!! ;0)

  robin_x 00:33 19 Jan 2011

Screens are relatively easy to replace if you, your friend or another friend are practical.

A few examples here $40-70.
click here

Put "model, number, screen replace" in to amazon search box.

eg mine is "CQ61 screen"
click here

And I can see my exact model the CQ61-320SA

(when I bought mine there was an LED version and a CFL backlight version, I had to Google exact part number of my laptop and check which was fitted)

If your manufacturer's website has a service maintenance manual pdf, get it.

Otherwise plenty of online guides. Lots of people are breaking screens these days.

click here

I needed no more than a Philips no 1 screwdriver.
(magnetic tip for replacing tiny screws or use a bit of BluTak) and a small 3mm flat blade screwdriver.
If you can wire a plug and change a hard drive or fit a graphics card, then screen replacement is possible with a bit of care.

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