Laptop Screen flickers when moved..

  KorgY 16:16 09 Feb 2008


My Toshiba A100 laptop is all but working fine, save for the fact that when i want to move my screen a bit,, ot tilt it, it flickers. I suppose you could say, "don't move it then", but tommy cooper jokes aside, does anyone know what the problem could be for my out-of-warrentee laptop.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 09 Feb 2008

loose connection on cable from motherbard to screen, or cable wearing through.

May cost more trouble than its worth to strip the laptop and check connections, unless you want to do it yourself.

  KorgY 18:11 09 Feb 2008

Ok, thought it might be something like that.



  T0SH 18:38 09 Feb 2008

The answer to your question depends on the flicker if it is the backlight lamp that lights up the screen then it is probably a bad connection dry solder joint on the ends of the flourescent tube normally this is not repairable and requires a new screen assembly

(there are some companies out there that claim they can replace the backlights in laptop screens)

if it is the LCD that flickers like black lines going accross it the most common cause is a faulty multiway ribbon cable that carries the digital video signal from the motherboard to the screen, this cable is replaceable

dependant on the age of your laptop your easiest option may be to buy a complete used and working lid and screen assembly from ebay, this makes the fitting a relativley easy task involving the removal of a few parts including the keyboard and maybe 6 to 10 screws unplugging 3 or 4 cable connectors then refitting the replacement part

I think Toshiba have downloadable Hardware Maintainance manuals from the support section of there web site this gives you a breakdown order of assembly and part numbers but if not they can be bought on CD again from ebay, but be aware on both counts pricing can vary widely and double check your specific model is included do not fall for things like "covers all Toshiba models"

Cheers HC

  T0SH 18:44 09 Feb 2008

Just remembered about this site it is on older Toshiba models but the proceedures are pretty much the same for later models

click here

Cheers HC

  KorgY 21:42 09 Feb 2008

Thanks tosh

had a look inside, (took a while to get in), and there was a wire or two off, but i think i pulled some off opening the laptop, couldn't really tell. took a while to get the wires back on, and reasemble the laptop. it still flickers (only when moved) but at least it works ok ( thought the worse when one wire after another started snapping of:(

PS: how would I back data up off my laptop, since it's not one you can put in a pc?. I could put the files on a DVD/Seagate Hard drive (removable, but would like to clone it.



  woodchip 22:08 09 Feb 2008

My Medion Laptop made by mitac as a wire at each end of the screen, not a ribbon. They do differ

  KorgY 22:29 09 Feb 2008

This is the one (almost anyway, mines an A100)
click here

  hammy08 21:47 09 Mar 2011

You could try They have all laptop screens for flickering problems and the like

  robin_x 22:22 09 Mar 2011

Some maintenance links.

Probably easier to buy a whole screen rather than try to get to the backlight. But it can be done.

Need to decide if you have a bad connection/cable, dodgy inverter or dodgy screen backlight.

click here

click here

  robin_x 22:25 09 Mar 2011

By the way my screen flickered after I replaced it (cracked).

Not too bad. Some weeks later I had the laptop in bits again to get at the fan and had another look at the screen stuff. It all seemed OK.

Now my screen no longer flickers, so it must have been just a connection.

ie disassemble/reassemble/reconnect all relevant connections before buying anything.

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