Laptop Screen - Dimmed then OK

  Skills 00:58 10 Dec 2005

Just sat here surfing on my laptop when the screen dimmed for about 10-20secs and then came back to full brightness.

Is this a sign that there could be something wrong backlight issue maybe. This is the first time its haappened.

Laptops only a couple of months old

Any thoughts

  phono 01:04 10 Dec 2005

Any chance the screen saver was about to kick in? If not monitor the situation closely, if it happens again use the warranty.

  Skills 01:15 10 Dec 2005

Thanks phono

Dont think it was the screen saver as its set to 10mins and it wasnt idle. Am running on battery at the mo dont know if that makes any difference.

I will keep an eye on it and will get in touch with manufacturer if it occurs again.

  Skills 01:24 10 Dec 2005

Just a thought could have been the screen getting ready to switch off as its set to turn off after 5mins and I caught it in time.

Will keep an eye cheers for the input

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