Laptop screen blank

  Zebrapec 14:57 12 Nov 2006

Hi, does anyone know why a laptop screen goes blank and keeps blank? Sony sattelite.

  anskyber 14:58 12 Nov 2006

power saving settings?

  Zebrapec 15:05 12 Nov 2006

do not know, anskyber, thanks, but if they where power saving settings, how can i alter them if i cannot see anything on the screen.

  anskyber 15:07 12 Nov 2006

I assume you can see the sceen at some times. If you can look at right click desktop, properties,screensaver, power and you can see the settings there.

  Koochy 15:10 12 Nov 2006

I had this problem a little while ago with my old laptop and it turned out to be the little button that shuts off the screen when the lid was shut was clogged with dust and was stuck down.
Don't know if this is your problem but it may be worth looking at.


  Zebrapec 15:13 12 Nov 2006

Anskyber, sorry, but no, the screen is blank all the time.

  Zebrapec 15:14 12 Nov 2006

Koochy, thanks, will try that, at the moment it is in bits all over the table

  SANTOS7 15:20 12 Nov 2006

If it is not what Koochy suggests and your laptop starts up normally it may be the lightbar behind the screen that has blown or the inverter is broken

  Zebrapec 15:22 12 Nov 2006

Ok, just realised that there is no HD activity when switching on, so of course there would be no screen activity.
So the question now is does anyone know why the HD does not start? please

  Zebrapec 15:32 12 Nov 2006

When I remove the HD the screen comes on, remove the HD and there is no screen. Is this HD disaster?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:57 12 Nov 2006

Refit HDD reboot keep tapping F8 as it boots nd see if you can get into safe mode.

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